As a veteran, the plight of  soldiers returning home is near and dear to Roberson’s heart.

Suicide statistics -22 veterans every day. Every day.  “After cheating Death from Wars of Hell they live through everyday just trying to survive. They come home to the ones they love for which they sacrificed so much”, Roberson comments.

A native of Mississippi,     Jeremy Roberson recently released his single, “Suicide” with Musik and Film Records and spoke candidly, “I don’t know what happens at that moment when someone thinks they can’t take life anymore. It is such a tragedy, but I also wish before they get to that point, Please Stop!  And think what it is going to do to all those that love you, and how they will suffer for the rest of their Lives.”

Watch for an in-depth interview coming soon from this thought provoking singer/songwriter.


Mississippi Roberson