Brooke Graham emerges on the musical scene with “Hello Texas” as a true Texan gem, hailing from the vast and vibrant landscapes of Austin, Texas, where the twang of Texas Red Dirt music blends flawlessly with the rhythmic spirit of the tropics. Her 2023 breakthrough year marked the ascent of her career with the debut single Easy Does It, climbing to an impressive #18 on the Texas Regional Radio Report. The festive MerryAchi Christmas garnered worldwide acclaim, and Brooke found herself in the limelight with nominations for Best New Female Vocalist, Best Single, Best Video, and Best Festival for her Annual Brooke Graham Beach Bash.

As the calendar flipped to 2024, Brooke Graham unveiled her latest sonic creation, Hello Texas, hitting the national airwaves on New Year’s Day. A lively rendition of Jimmy Buffett’s classic, this track pulses with the heart and soul of the Lone Star State. Crafted by the dynamic duo of Robbie Campbell and Brian Collins,and expertly produced by David Norris and Jimmy Collins, Hello Texas encapsulates the very essence of Texas in every resonant note. Embark on Brooke’s musical adventure, where each song unfolds a unique story, and the magic of Texas TropRock comes alive with each beat and measure.

The track stands out for its liveliness, originality, and memorability, offering an upbeat production that charges listeners with great sensations. Hello Texas is masterfully executed, musically engaging, and utterly convincing. Its electrifying effect on the audience is undeniable, making it an instant hit that attracts any listener. This recommendation extends to enthusiasts of Country and Americana genres, as the song is not only well-produced but also highly absorbing. It goes beyond the ordinary, providing above-average entertainment and a thoroughly pleasurable experience, leaving the listener in stitches of absolute hilarity.

Attend a Brooke Graham show, and witness firsthand what all the acclaim is about. Within the area of Country and Americana genres, Hello Texas delivers great feelings, lifting the listener with its invigorating and rhythmic energy. Brooke’s powerful vocals, authentic lyrics, and the bright, catchy sound create a memorable chorus that reverberates with a punchy new single. The sparkling melody projects positive vibes, and the sheer musical quality is evident throughout the track. The band’s mastery of guitar and percussion instruments shines brightly, showing their exceptional skill. This hard-working ensemble elevates the rhythm, quickly drawing the audience into the infectious flow of the music.

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