WHY Musik Radio Promotions (MRP)?

  • Promoting to over 250,000 stations in 180 countries covering 5 continents, no other radio promotion service comes close to our target size audience.
  • We create your own personal DPK which goes direct to PD’s email box.  Our email data base is updated daily.
  • Real Time Personal Report Link
  • Our stations include FM, AM, Digital, Sirius, and Internet radio stations. These stations have been carefully added through years of building relationships with radio programmers.
  • Includes servicing all genre related Mediabase / Billboard Reporting stations, Music Row and numerous other chart reporting stations.
  • Our artists get real radio airplay. Radio programmers confidently rely on Musik and Film and MRP to send them quality music. That means more listeners and fans for you.

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Testimonials That Speak For Themselves

Powerful Radio Promotion For Real FM Airplay

Radio Promotion

radio promotion

Want to get your music heard worldwide? Want to work with a team that knows what they’re doing?

We offer radio promotion and digital plugging of your music through a database of 250,000 stations in 180 countries.

Our radio promotions service is the most effective in the world and the best money can buy.

Competitors like Loggins Promotion can’t match our service because they don’t have the level of station coverage, plus they don’t offer upfront pricing.

Click the button below for packages and pricing.

Submit your mp3 now for consideration and you will be contacted as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest in Musik and Film.

How It Works

Step 1: Submit 

Using our submission form, send us a sample of your music along with your information. Make sure to provide a way to contact you.

Step 2: Discuss

After receiving and reviewing your music, we will contact you for a free consultation.

Step 3: Promote

Once we determine your promotions package (scroll down for packages and pricing), we will create your personal DPK and provide you with a 24/7 real-time tracking link.

This real-time report will provide you information about your real fm radio airplay stats listed by radio station and the number of streams.

Genres We Cover

Below is a list of genres we cover in our radio promotion campaigns.

These genres are also covered in our other services as well (indie artist management, music distribution, video promotion and production, recording production, etc.).

Adult Contemporary
Alt Country
Alt Rock
Classic Country

Classic Rock
Country Rock
Easy Listening

Metal Rock
Music Row

Pop Rock
Top 40

Watch: Fuser's Success with Musik and Film's Radio Promotion

Check out the video of the band Fuser below and learn how they used our promotion service to launch a successful campaign to increase both fm radio airplay and fan base.


Why We’re The Best Choice


At Musik and Film, we deliver what we promise, and we promise results for Indie Artists.

Tricky contracts are not what we’re about. What we say we will do, we do, and we’re good at it.

Our reputation and customer testimonials speak for themselves. Feel free to read some our testimonials for yourself.

Personal Service

With some other music promotion services, you’re often just another customer waiting in line with a credit card.

Musik Radio Promotions stands out from the rest because we work with you every step of the way.

We create a custom promotions package that fits just you. And if you have any questions along the way, we’re always just a phone call or email away.


With radio promotion to 180 countries and over 250,000 stations, no other promotions service comes close to our target audience size.

Our station database has been built for real FM radio airplay.

We’ve spent years building relationships with radio programmers who know they can rely on Musik and Film for good music.

That means more listeners and fans for you.


We provide each artist with their own private link to view radio station downloads and streams at any time.

This link is available for the life of the single (averaging three months or more).

This gives you full visibility into how your radio promotions campaign is doing.


We know from experience what radio wants to play.

With our state of the art studio equipment and platinum level producers, we provide the production work necessary to make your music sound awesome.

Having worked on over 60 platinum albums, we know exactly what is required for successful radio promotion.


Digital promotion is essential for reaching Radio DJ’s and listeners.

We don’t blast your music to a list of random stations. Instead, we provide custom Digital Press Kits (DPK’s) that are genre and location specific.

Your music is delivered in seconds across the world to thousands of stations matching your target locations and genres.

This means a high success rate of your music being heard through real fm radio airplay.


CEO and Founder of Musik and Film Stephen Wrench has over 40 years of experience in every area of the music industry as a singer and songwriter.

He was also former VP of a major label, a producer, and a manager.

He has earned the respect of his peers, becoming a nominating and voting member of the Grammy Awards.

Stephen and his team know how to design a music marketing plan specifically for you to get your music heard.