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Top 12 Weekly Charting Artists

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  1. 01 The Beginning - Matt Craven Matt Craven hit #1 on the World Indie Music Charts and #3 in Europe
  2. 02 Pissed off - Bigmay202XNuk !4 years old and hit # 1 on the World Indie Music Charts and #1 in Europe . Because of his airplay and charting he was contacted by Atlantic records and is currently discussing a major record deal with Atlantic
  3. 03 Never Give Up - Chuck Jeter 1st time release Chuck hit #1 on the World Indie Music Charts and the Top 5 in Europe
  4. 04 Dear Mom - Kenny Presley He is charting Top 40 in the World and in Europe
  5. 05 Hard Truth - Hailey Newman Kentucky born and bred Hailey Newman is out with her second hit . Already charting Top 40 in the World and in Europe
  6. 06 The Happiness & Derek Clegg - Sunny Day From Poland and is charting Top 10 in Europe and the World
  7. 07 Migration - George A. Johnson Jr. Feat. The Young Masters Jazz is charting Top 40 worldwide
  8. 08 Spirits Up - Lil Meta Charting Top 20 worldwide
  9. 09 Heaven - DJ Roko Charting Top 40 worldwide
  10. 10 Freedom - Vicious Kitty Charting Top 20 worldwide
  11. 11 Simple Plan - Tony Mangra Charting Top 20 worldwide
  12. 12 Who Are You - Shweta Harve with HridayaSheela Charting Top 40 worldwide
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We strategically promote artists to FM, AM, Digital, Sirius, and Internet radio stations with a reach of over 250,000 stations in 180 countries. No other radio promotion service comes close to this audience size. Our station database has been carefully developed through years of nurturing relationships and building trust with radio programmers who know they can rely on the quality of music delivered by Musik and Film. That means more listeners and fans for you.


Let It Rain (before production) Jerry Bogan
Let It Rain (after production) Jerry Bogan

Whether we are recording, mixing, mastering, or even personally playing on the recording, co-writing and arranging your work with you, the experience and quality of Musik and Film’s Production team is unrivaled. We can remix or remaster your album and make it stand up to any major release. We can also add instrumentation! We have top musicians around the world willing to add instrumentation to your record.