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A reputation that speaks for itself

​Yes!! I must say musikandfilm.com is the best choice I a have made with my music. https://tomproctorband.com/
Tom Proctor 1

Tom Proctor

Actor, Singer Songwriter
In contacting Musikandfilm, Stephen provided alot of insight and assured me the results would speak for themselves. He kept his word and that was refreshing. The project picked up steam and the artist charted. I plan to utilize Musikandfilm for all projects.
Darlean C. 2

Darlean C.

Artist Manager
I only recently heard of MUSIK & FILM and am truly impressed!  Wish I would have known about them years ago! First, I sent in my produced song, they listened and there was a phone call with the president. Not sure how he finds the time - but it is great business practice - adding a personal touch and acquainting both the musician, music and company rather than liaising with a temp or robot!  My song IN DA COUCH received positive music reviews and is escalating in the Euro-Charts - a boost to the soul in this most challenging industry. The process has been easy, supportive and am now looking into working with MUSIK & FILM in different capacities either in management, licensing, publishing or all of the above. They do what they say!  Definitely recommend!
Scarlett Deva Antaloczy 3

Scarlett Deva Antaloczy

Singer Songwriter
Musik and Film has exposed my music to an audience I could have only dreamed of a few years ago. As a direct result of Stephen and the entire team at Musik and Film, I have had radio airplay and charting for my songs all over the world! This has opened up doors for me and my career such as interviews, additional digital streaming royalties, and potential tour venues. Add to this the excellent customer service and pride that Stephen and his team take in helping artist to achieve their goals and I am convinced that you cannot find a better team to have on your side. http://www.brianiannuccimusic.com/
Brian A. Iannucci, Ph.D., MBA 4

Brian A. Iannucci, Ph.D., MBA

Singer Songwriter
Your Music Heard. Proven Indie Record Label & Music Promotion 5








Indie Record Label

We are more than just an indie record label. We’re also a radio promotion company. We strategically promote our artists worldwide via real FM radio airplay with custom digital press kits. With music promotion to 5 continents, 180 countries, and over 250,000 stations, no other promotions service comes close to our target audience size. Our station database has been carefully developed through years of nurturing relationships of trust with radio programmers who know they can rely on Musik Radio Promotions to send them quality music. That means more listeners and fans for you.








Our distribution service is the best in the business, facilitated through our coveted relationship with Sony and Universal. These major networking outlets provide pioneering music and video distribution services operating in more than 20 global markets and 2200 outlets in 5 continents. This amplifies an artists reach and revenue across hundreds of digital and mobile outlets around the world.


Let It Rain (before production) Jerry Bogan
Let It Rain (after production) Jerry Bogan

Whether we are recording, mixing, mastering, or even personally playing on the recording, co-writing and arranging your work with you, the experience and quality of Musik and Film’s Production team is unrivaled. We can remix or remaster your album and make it stand up to any major release. We can also add instrumentation! We have top musicians around the world willing to add instrumentation to your record.

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