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Top 12 Weekly Charting Artists

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  1. 01 Lucky Days - Bad Brooks Bad Brooks is killing it at radio around the world. Charting #3 in Europe and top 5 in the world
  2. 02 The Neighborhood - AV Super Sunshine AV did it again and hit #1 on the world indie charts and charting in top 50 in US an top 5 in Europe
  3. 03 Let the Candle Burn - Let the Candle Burn Charting on Top 20 in Europe and The World. What a beautiful voice
  4. 04 Second Chance - Different Moon This is a song the artist was unsure if anyone wanted to hear. But its charting in Top 10 in Europe and the World
  5. 05 I'm Grateful - Darrell Kelley Charting Top 20 around the world. A song about glad to be alive and thankful for everything he has . What a great subject
  6. 06 WAR CRY - COPPE CANTRELL ft. Barrington Levy Good example how Christian music can be upbeat and cross over genres and still get the message across
  7. 07 Can’t Fake The Funk - KING JAMES BROWN Charting Top 20 around the world. Goes to prove you can't fake the funk
  8. 08 If I Could Find A Way - Eller Rhodes Eller wrote us that his spotify and social media is exploding. No wonder what a great song and charting in Top 5 around the world.
  9. 09 Here Comes the Attraction - VIENNACC From Austria and charting in Top 10 in Europe and The World. What a unique artist
  10. 10 She's The Boss From Hell - Wally Bartfay Wally has been a songwriter for decades but never released anything. Produced and recorded by Musik and Film's production team . This song is charting Top 10 worldwide
  11. 11 Pour One Out - Brian Iannucci Brian is doing it again getting world attention and charting with his new single . Hit #1 in Europe Top 50in US and # 1 on the World Indie Charts
  12. 12 Hometown Ghost Town - Sassy VeZay Sassy is an English Country rock pop artist now living in Nashville, Tennessee
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Let It Rain (before production) Jerry Bogan
Let It Rain (after production) Jerry Bogan

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