Renaissance woman and songstress Wendy Moten spreads her alluring musical charm once again upon the release of her new album titled, I’ve Got You Covered. The Memphis, Tennessee-born singer’s lifelong love affair with music stretches back to her formative years when she began singing in church choirs as a child. Wendy would later initiate her career as a pop/r&b artist that would  invite explorations into other genres, spending 18 years with Julio Englasis where she had a multi -platinum record in Europe.
but eventually open opportunities for the soulful caroler to express her love for country and folk. She toured with legendary acts Faith Hill & Tim McGraw (2005-2018), Martina McBride (2014-2016), and Vince Gill. She most recently performed on the Grand Ole’ Opry.
I’ve Got You Covered is an immense effort by Wendy Moten that truly unveils the singer’s passion for country music and the depth of her vocal expertise. As reflected by the album’s title, I’ve Got You Covered is a revival of some of country music’s greatest contributions from the 60’s and 70’s in real time. Successfully, Wendy is able to reinvent songs by  Ernest Tubb (“Driving Nails in My Coffin”), Jeannie Seely (“Don’t Touch Me”), Bobby Gentry (“Ode to Billie Joe”), George Jones (“Walk Through This World With Me”), and quite a few others.
One of the outstanding gems from this 9-track treasure chest is Til I Get It Right. The song was originally performed by Tammy Wynette in 1972. Wendy Moten is able to make this phenomenal tune her own with a sincere vocal performance that demonstrates the incalculable range of her voice. Wendy’s utterances of enchantment seamlessly glide over an acoustic landscape of guitar strums, soft drums, and a transcendent harp recorded in an easy tempo, making Til I Get It Right one of the most beautiful songs released in 2020.

Ode To Billie Joe is a popular tune that finds itself among the collection of songs covered by Wendy Moten. Originally written and produced by Bobbie Gentry, Wendy is able to cast an awe of nostalgia in her enthralling interpretation of the country-pop classic. The track has a refreshing feel while maintaining much of its original lore and structure. Wendy breathes an incredible timelessness into Ode To Billie Joe that leaves the listener at the crossroads of how life used to be in comparison to today while exposing this post-modern generation to another level of creativity that is often described as a “Southern gothic” narrative.

Wendy continues to impress the listener with the alluring sounds of Going Away Party. This song was originally performed by Jeff & Sheri Easter and is certainly made anew in the vocal arms of Wendy Moten.  This rendition expounds upon the brilliantly crafted melody and its smooth instrumentation that features a variety of organic sounds which include the track’s moving percussive sounds, guitar swells, and rich bassline. Going Away Party is another monumental anchor of continuity that breeds a touch of immortality into I’ve Got You Covered.

Another exceptional tune from  I’ve Got You Covered is the album-opener Driving Nails In My Coffin. This is an adventurous track with an upbeat vibe and an exquisite take on Ernest Tubb’s original version. Wendy’s spirited recital is cinematic and paints a vision that is relative to overcoming our own personal challenges. Wendy presents Driving Nails In My Coffin in a way that is full of life and meaning.
Overall, I’ve Got You Covered is a tremendous effort by Wendy Moten that serves as a memorable salute to country music greats and acts as a strong reminder of how this genre has shaped and formatted life in America and abroad. Wendy Moten is an exceptional singer that is a legend in her own right. I’ve Got You Covered is a masterpiece for the ages.

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In addition to touring with major artists, Wendy set the stage for her emergence as a bona fide country artist with numerous live performances in Music City over the past few years. She made her debut at the Grand Ole Opry in April 2019 and played three more times there before a showcase at 3rd & Lindsley, one of Nashville’s premier live venues, for the release of I’ve Got You Covered in February 2020. During this time, she also headlined on the Opry stage at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. In 2018 and 2019, Wendy was a featured artist in the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum’s Musician’s Spotlight series. Last year, Gill invited her to become a the 11th member of the Grammy award winning western swing band The Time Jumpers – a institution launched by the town’s top studio musicians in 1998 – at their weekly sold-out shows at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville. In the fall, no less than James Taylor. Brian May and Steve Lukather (Toto) showed up on different nights because of the bands amazing reputation.

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