11 Facts Prove The Relevance of Radio in 2024

Despite the common belief that radio is dead and not relevant to younger generations, radio still has the highest reach across all mediums and is an effective ad campaign amplifier.

Radio statistics show that radio is the dominant commuting medium and is surprisingly popular among younger listeners.

Radio Statistics

Highlights of radio listening statistics:

  1. More Americans listen to the radio than use Facebook each week.
  2. 55% of Gen Zin the U.S. listen to AM/FM radio every day.
  3. Adults listen to 104 minutes of radio per day, 12.2 hours per week.
  4. Radio industry sees growth through smart speakers and online listening.
  5. 100 millionAmericans own a smart speaker.
  6. Radio holds the highest share of collective trust across all advertising channels.
  7. 77% of listeners would try a brand or product endorsed by their favorite radio personality.
  8. It takes 2.4 days on average for audio ad listeners to take an action.
  9. Global radio ad spendi s a $36.1 billion a year market.
  10. Average cost of a radio ad in the largest U.S. cities is $513.40.
  11. 47% of listeners believe radio ads are a fair trade for their listening time.

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