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Pamela Long new hit single You Said released by Musik Radio Promotions

September 19, 2016
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12187662_1083039548408038_8549749290592823641_nPamela Long’s  new hit single, You Said released by Musik Radio Promotions is garnering worldwide radio airplay.

The voice that many find to be unique and unable to be duplicated is back! Pamela Long of the platinum selling R&B group Total, has emerged once again with the sound we all fell in love with.  Her sound first debuted on the Bad  Boy/Arista roster, which immediately garnered her the spot as the lead vocalist of the group. Music mogul Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs recognized the distinction of Pamela’s voice, and used it to make a huge impact in he music industry. Total is best known for their hits “What You Want” (Featuring Mase), “Kissing You”, “Can’t You See” (featuring The Notorious B.I.G.), and “What About Us”.

All three members of R&B super group, Total , Kima Raynor, Keisha Spivey and Pamela Long, are currently reuniting  for the first time ever to represent the fierce ladies behind the Bad Boy empire touring with The Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.“This isn’t just a concert– this is a moment in hip hop and R&B history.” said Sean “Diddy” Combs aka Puff Daddy.

This Grammy Award winner (for the song “Hypnotize” with The Notorious B.I.G) made an indelible mark on contemporary R&B music back then, and is just as relevant today; ready to surpass what has already been done. Pamela’s new single, “You Said” continues to forge ahead with a style that is uniquely “Pamela Long”.

Pamela says, “By God’s grace I am here, and by God’s grace I shall remain.” And we are all blessed because of her continued presence in the music world!



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Listen to Top Ten Countdown with Dave Pratt and interview with Stephen Wrench at No 5

July 28, 2016
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Listen to  July 23rd Top Ten Countdown with Dave Pratt and interview with Stephen Wrench‘s Smokin’ Tokin’ Rollin’ Man at No 5!

Music Stage Radio Top 10 Countdown is quickly becoming the fastest growing digital and radio platform for independent music.

Every Saturday expect to be amazed as you tune in to hear Hall of Fame radio performer Dave Pratt as he introduces World Music Stage Radio’s top 10 weekly picks, hosts interviews with celebrity guests and emerging artists!

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Musik and Film CEO Stephen Wrench Guest Blogs on IOTM

August 17, 2015
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Musik and Film Records CEO Stephen Wrench was just featured as a Guest Blogger on the popular Indie Artist website, Indie On The Move! Be sure to check out Stephen’s article about obtaining record label deals in this day and age as an independent artist, treating your music as a business, and making your own path.

Musik and Film Records offers a plethora of tools for the indie artist to use to get their music heard. The Musik Radio Promotions team promotes to over 250,000 in over 180 countries, coupling that with 40 years of industry experience, and a full studio setup for the artist to utilize, Musik and Film Records is prepared to help you step up your musical career. Check out Musik and Film Record’s website here for more information on how we empower the artist.

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A Review for Crimson Chrysalis latest album Enraptured

August 17, 2015
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Earlier this year Musik and Film Records signed south african symphonic rock band Crimson Chrysalis, and released their sophomore album “Enraptured” to the world. It has been garnering reviews and fans around the world since. Below is a recent review from on the album itself, check it out:


Soaring symphonic rock with a baroque atmosphere and metal stylings is the order of the day from South Africa’s Crimson Chrysalis. Fronted by the climactic, powerhouse vocals of Rene van den Berg; the music ranges from sweeping operatic passages with heavy guitar riffs and orchestral arrangements holding court from a lofty position in the sky. If Lacuna Coil would have kept their original classical style mixed with metal (minus the growled male vocals), then they might have ended up in this ballpark, which isn’t a bad place to be.

On Enraptured, the project radiates a worldly power that transcends genre for something truly special. An Evanescence clone this isn’t. “Soul Stalker” opens up hard with pounding keyboards, a rumbling bass presence, thundering drums and metal guitars dancing in tandem with the somber synth melodies. At the center of the tempest Rene stands strong carrying the lyrics to incredibly hi plateaus. The waltzing “Surrender” trades tasteful, rock oriented lead guitar shots with gloriously conducted strings. An ethereal, mid-tempo crunch runs throughout much of “Elegy” and its engaging vocal duets.

“Sacred Vows” opens with a piano sonata, slowly building up to the introduction of strings and eventually delivering a fully bombastic barrage of melodic, harmony-minded guitar riffs at a grand scale. The vocals absolutely captivate from the first note to the last. It seems like “Infinity” is conjured from a darker place with singing adopting a gritty, smoky baritone amongst cycling, marching arrangements that are as loud as they are pretty. The straight heavy metal mania of “Burning Fire with Fire” has an intense, pulsing rhythm attack on hand, featuring some of the most aggressive drumming and bass on the album. In terms of its guitar riffs, this is a track that will get the feet stomping and the head-banging.

Acoustic guitar is a focal point of “Enlightenment.” Electric instrumentation is softly added during the track’s procession but for the most part this song remains a true to the heart ballad that fans of Blackmore’s Night would probably enjoy. Things get almost Metallica hard on the crunching, forward driving groove of “Fear.” Flute is added to the equation on the folksy dreamworld conjured up by “The Raven.” When you least expect it, the song practically catapults itself in your direction like a runaway wrecking ball intent on destruction. Closing couplet “Virgin Death” and “Grace” piles on the classical music goodness and could both be part of the soundtrack to the greatest romance movie ever made.

Crimson Chrysalis plays genuine music straight from the soul with the ability to appeal to fans of many different genres. The entire effect is like going to see a huge musical production conducted by a maestro. Rock, folk, metal, world, classical and opera are combed on Enraptured to create an album that really doesn’t sound a lot like anyone else out there. When you top if it off with the jaw-dropping vocal talents of Rene van den Berg; there is no denying the greatness. In a musical climate dominated by “formula” and “cookie cutter” pop, Crimson Chrysalis stands high above the pack.


If you want YOUR music heard around the world, be sure to contact the Musik Radio Promotions team about our radio promotions packages, you can find more information on that by clicking here.

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Taking Care of Business, The Ball is In Your Court…

August 4, 2015
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All I see these days on Linkedin, Facebook and everywhere are people bitchin’ about streaming, the declining music industry and lack of opportunities for Indie artists. Today I see on Linkedin “5 Reasons the Music Business is in the Toilet”. We all know its in the toilet, but what are you gonna do about it.  Boo Hoo there are no more record labels willing to plunk down cash to fund artists. There are no more publishing deals offering cash advances. “Boo Hoo there is no place for starving artists to obtain funding.” Indigogo and others were great at first but now its worn thin. You know what they say “Can’t Never Could”.

A brief background. Major labels fought the digital age. When they finally knew they could not fight it anymore, their way of embracing it ruined the Indie artists. The way they embraced it was to buy every digital distributor there was on the planet. Then the international President of Sony stated publicly, “Indie artists are becoming competition we need to level the playing field”. Their way of leveling the playing field was to embrace streaming services, but they went to the extreme on that one too. They took hundreds of millions in advances to allow streaming services to stream their catalogs. They never asked any artists permission to do so. Then to add insult to injury they keep the yearly advances, nothing is shared with the artists. Then they fed the artists with this crap “oh it’s a great opportunity for the indie artist’s exposure”. Bullshit! How is ANYONE going to find you among Billions of artists? Enough Bitchin’.

Let’s face it streaming is here to stay, it ain’t going away. They may raise the rates by 1/1000 of a cent but what difference will that make? Major labels have always been the gatekeepers and the big money. It doesn’t matter if its music or politics the 1% who has all the money rules the world.

Face the music its always been this way. But there are plenty of tools for the indie artist to succeed. Did you know, this week was the first week in history that 8 artists in the UK’s Top 40 were indie artists? Its starting to happen everywhere. You may not be able to make yourself a superstar, but with a limited budget you can chart, you can tour, and you can make a good living.

Artists have to realize music is a business and they have to run it like a business. Business’s need advertising. In this case advertising is not only social media but worldwide radio airplay. Cause you cannot successfully tour without radio airplay. Neil Young recently said “the only way for artist to make money these days is in the live experience” Perform in front of people all over the world. Sell your merchandise and collect your radio airplay royalties and license your music. But nobody’s gonna do it for you anymore. You have to do it for yourself.

Musik and Film has been working on opportunities worldwide for the Indie Artists through world radio airplay and charting, touring opportunities. Email us at and we will consult with you and help you achieve that success.

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Mississippi Native, Jeremy Roberson Debuts With Single Suicide

June 12, 2015
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As a veteran, the plight of  soldiers returning home is near and dear to Roberson’s heart.

Suicide statistics -22 veterans every day. Every day.  “After cheating Death from Wars of Hell they live through everyday just trying to survive. They come home to the ones they love for which they sacrificed so much”, Roberson comments.

A native of Mississippi,     Jeremy Roberson recently released his single, “Suicide” with Musik and Film Records and spoke candidly, “I don’t know what happens at that moment when someone thinks they can’t take life anymore. It is such a tragedy, but I also wish before they get to that point, Please Stop!  And think what it is going to do to all those that love you, and how they will suffer for the rest of their Lives.”

Watch for an in-depth interview coming soon from this thought provoking singer/songwriter.


Mississippi Roberson

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Musik and Films Featured Artist Rose Boyd

June 10, 2015
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Rose Boyd has been sharing her voice with the world through song since the young age of seven years old. She has always had a life-long passion for sharing her commitment to Jesus Christ through song, and continues to do so to this day. At 17 Rose was faced with a choice between pursuing a record deal and furthering her education through college, a decision which brought her to study at College of Albemarle, in North Carolina. This would only last for about a year, when she received a call and learned that her mother had become ill, as did her father shortly thereafter. Having been the youngest of four, with no marital ties or children of her own at the time, Rose returned home to look after her parents and get a job to help support them.

Rose is now the wife of dynamic Gospel music songwriter, Craig Boyd. They both reside in Waterbury, CT and spend a great deal of time, and take a great deal of joy, in writing, recording, and performing divinely-inspired Gospel music for the masses. Rose is a member of the Faith Center Church in Meriden, Connecticut, under the pastoral leadership of Bishop Joseph and Lady Maddaline Norfleet. It is here that she serves as an anointed Levite, Psalmist, lead vocalist, and primary member of the Music ministry.

Rose recently released the third installment of her Gospel albums in May of 2015, and has been enjoying great success, while remaining on top as #1 of the Gospel charts for several weeks in a row. Musik and Film took some time to ask Rose a few questions about her career in music, and we share that interview with you now:


What has been your greatest opportunity in your career so far?

Rose:  Right now charting with “He’s So Amazing” in the National Airplay Top 50 Gospel Chart at number 1 for two weeks straight for the first two weeks my song has been playing. I’m still in shock because of it. Also doing a live performance on the Bobby Jones Gospel Presents that Air on TV in 2012


What do you think drives you to continue your pursuit as a professional musician?​

Rose: This gift was giving to me by God and I just want to display the gift and talents to the World.


What do you think distinguishes a true music artist from an entertainer?

Rose: When you sing it should be from the heart, the message should be to change lives to encourage, uplift ones soul. Entertainers I feel give people what is hot right now and  that has produced alot of copy cats, what do I mean? Everything sounds the same it’s all lumped into one big bowl mixed together and tastes the same. When we as artists give you something genuine and from the heart the people will know and God will be pleased.


If you could make 1 change to the music industry, what would it be?

Rose: Stop scamming artist! We work really hard. To pay someone to play a roll whether it be a manager, promotor etc in our music career, then you turn around and it’s like they left the face of the earth! Oh…Please pay for the music as well.


What do you want to always be remembered for?

Rose: An Anointed singer of God that gave her best.


What made you want to pursue a career in music?

Rose: My oldest sitter who has now passed on was an awesome pianist and singer. My sisters and I would go in the attic and sing. Harmonizing came natural at a young age for me. I sang in the choir every since I can remember leading and background. Singing in school playings, concerts etc.


What advice would you give a music artist who is just starting out?

Rose: Take care of your voice box. Don”t take those good vocals for granted. Also…Always get legal representation before you sign anything.

Oh… Know who you are in God, believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams, but know this…things don’t happen over night so be patient and your time and chance will come if it is God’s will.


How would you describe your music?

Rose: Contemporary Gospel with soulful vocal backgrounds that gives God the Glory with hope and encouragement.


When did you realize that you wanted a career in music and what prompted that decision?

Rose: When I became laid off after working at a job about 15 years. My husband Craig says “what do you want to do”and I said “sing”.


What are your goals where do you want to take your music?

Rose: I want my music to be heard all over the world and I would like to travel and take it across the nation!!! I would like my music to change individuals lives!!!


What has been your best and your worst moment during your career so far?

Rose: I can definitely answer the worst moment….It was when I was promised something in God’s name and I did everything in good faith  and the individual ripped me off, stole money from me. Not cool. It was a learning experience though. I have become extremely careful and it also has toughen my skin!

This moment of Charting #1 on the National Airplay Top 50 Gospel Chart for two weeks straight and only been playing on radio for two weeks is pretty spectacular!!!


What has your experience been like working with Musik and Film?

Rose: You are one of the best moments of my career (joyful tears flowing). I really just wanted to find good and honest people to work with me throughout this journey. Then came Musik and Film!!!


Anything else you really want to say?

​Rose: YES….Thanks be to God who has always been there for me even when I didn’t realize it.To Craig my husband who supports me, pushes me, encourages me, protects me, believed in me and loves me. I am truly grateful for you.

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