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  1. 01 L Out Of Lonely - Stephen Wrench Sitting at # 1 in Europe and Top 10 the world co written with Nashville hall of fame writer Thornton Cline
  2. 02 If You Dont Want Me- Sofi Calderon Young Sofi is on her first Top 20 charted song in Europe and the US
  3. 03 Life is Hard Whiskey is Easy - Chris Chitsey Chris has had 3 previous #1 hits and is now charting in the Top 5 in Europe the UK and the world with his new single
  4. 04 Out There Somewhere - Hailey Newman She may only be in the Top 30 in Europe and the world now but we predict this girl is going places and I would not be surp[rised when she hits #1
  5. 05 A Lil Piece of Heaven - JEN If you liked Janis Joplin you will love JEN she is on the Top 10 in Europe and the world
  6. 06 The Queen - Aditi Iyer Aditi is at #1 on the Euro Charts and on the world charts with her single "Queen"
  7. 07 Nothing But Love - James Dean Baker ft Travelle Moore Sitting in the top 20 in Europe and the world and spreading Nothin But Love
  8. 08 Sweetwater - AV Super Sunshine We have AV Super Sunshine sitting in the Top 10 in Europe and the world
  9. 09 My Baby's Away - Miskimon Brothers Brothers with a top 20 and climbing chart position in Europe and the world
  10. 10 Where Are You? - Steve Brooks & The Fourth Level Americana at it's best . Steve had one #1 hit and now hit #1 in the World charts and #2 on the Euro charts
  11. 11 Sweet Memories - Vicious Kitty Then there is Vicious Kitty with their new single currently in the top 10 in Europe and the world
  12. 12 Feeling Good - Tony Mangra The very talented Tony Mangra is working on his 3rd Top 10 hit worldwide
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