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  1. 01 It's Christmas - Eller Rhodes " That crazy Christmas song I wrote has blown up my Spotify account and the distribution numbers are off the charts for me. I got people in 30 countries so far
  2. 02 A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas - Max Hawthorne For the second year in a row Max Hawthorne hits the Top 40 and climbing with his Christmas song
  3. 03 Loptr - Max Hawthorne Hitting the Top 20 in Europe and the US
  4. 04 Million Ways - Druv Kent Druv is in the Top 5 in Europe and the US
  5. 05 Honey Please Come Home - Ricky Forest Ricky has hit the top 40 in Europe and the ​US.​ "I like thank you​ ​​very much for all that you are doing for me . Musik and Film is the greatest!
  6. 06 World of Hope # 1 on the Euro Indie Music Charts for the third week in a row and Top 5 on World Indie Music Charts
  7. 07 Dance in the Dark - COPPE CANTRELL Hit # 1 the Euro Indie Music Charts and #1 on World Indie Music Charts
  8. 08 Lost Without Your Love - Chris St John Still on the Charts this week!
  9. 09 Prince of Charm - Bobby and the Crew Another top 10 hit from Finland's Bobby and the Crew in Europe and The World
  10. 10 Flesh and Blood - HiSQ & Marko Hietala , ex-Nightwish member. Finland's own hits Top 10 charts in Europe and The World
  11. 11 Where Have The Heroes Gone - Rye EYe Ty Not only did this record hit #1 in Europe but # 1 in the World Indie Charts and now picking up medibase stations and charting at #11 on mediabase charts
  12. 12 Clearly -Sister J Produced by the legendary Ted Perlman - Hitting the Top 10 charts in Europe and The World.
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Let It Rain (before production) Jerry Bogan
Let It Rain (after production) Jerry Bogan

Whether we are recording, mixing, mastering, or even personally playing on the recording, co-writing and arranging your work with you, the experience and quality of Musik and Film’s Production team is unrivaled. We can remix or remaster your album and make it stand up to any major release. We can also add instrumentation! We have top musicians around the world willing to add instrumentation to your record.

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