According to All Indie Magazine, “You can, but it costs a lot of money to do so. Radio campaigns range differently in price depending on the size of the region and how large a network you want to market in. If you want to market to radio stations in the major metropolitan areas, then get ready to cough up in upwards of $250,000 per campaign. If you’re doing your own promotion, be prepared to be ignored and get your CD’s tossed in the garbage. A station manager or program director gets upwards of 20 to 100 CD’s per day. By email, they are unsolicited by hundreds of indie labels and do-it-yourself artists. Guess who’s emails and appointments they’re going to accept? Not yours unless you’re a rep from the “Big 3″ (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group) or one of the smaller major labels including Columbia Records, RCA Records, and Epic Records. Priority goes down from there to the next highest labels in the chain.”
CEO Stephen Wrench of Musik and Film states,  “there is good news – its a big world and radio exists outside the of the United States. Radio in other countries are very receptive to playing good Indie Artists music. The BBC is the largest radio network in the world and Musik Radio Promotions services 104 countries and over 170,000+ stations. We can get your music heard!!!”
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