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Why cant I get my music on the mainstream radio in the US?

January 30, 2014
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According to All Indie Magazine, “You can, but it costs a lot of money to do so. Radio campaigns range differently in price depending on the size of the region and how large a network you want to market in. If you want to market to radio stations in the major metropolitan areas, then get ready to cough up in upwards of $250,000 per campaign. If you’re doing your own promotion, be prepared to be ignored and get your CD’s tossed in the garbage. A station manager or program director gets upwards of 20 to 100 CD’s per day. By email, they are unsolicited by hundreds of indie labels and do-it-yourself artists. Guess who’s emails and appointments they’re going to accept? Not yours unless you’re a rep from the “Big 3″ (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group) or one of the smaller major labels including Columbia Records, RCA Records, and Epic Records. Priority goes down from there to the next highest labels in the chain.”
CEO Stephen Wrench of Musik and Film states,  “there is good news – its a big world and radio exists outside the of the United States. Radio in other countries are very receptive to playing good Indie Artists music. The BBC is the largest radio network in the world and Musik Radio Promotions services 104 countries and over 170,000+ stations. We can get your music heard!!!”
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Musik Radio Promotions has recently released Seventh Tower homegrown in the USA!!

January 14, 2014
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Seventh Tower prove they can definitely hang with the big dogs on their debut release “Crown Me King” which is now available on iTunes as well as Spotify. Their second EP, “Path To Follow”(produced by Clint Lowery of Sevendust) is set to release April 15th 2014.

Seventh Tower is the perfect combination of energy and rock. This band has all the right stuff and has recently been picked up on the BBC radio network which broadcasts all over the UK!!!

“Musicians are usually able to identify and dissect their influences, and examine what it is that makes them tick. It takes a great musician to exercise these influences along with their own songwriting muscle. Seventh Tower does just that, releasing a debut EP that comfortably falls in line with the music veterans that inspired it.”

“With echoes of breaking Benjamin’s powerful melodies, Crossfade’s energetic guitar riffs, and Sevendust’s grit. Seventh Tower first strike proves that they can hang with the big kids. That’s immediately evident with “Crown Me King,” the album’s single and opener, and perhaps the strongest showcase. Vocals wear a rock edge while volleying between a soaring melody and gang vocals that leave a tasteful impact. Lyrics are sparked from his own experiences, focusing on the relatable plight of the every man’s struggle, but are laced with hope for ultimate applicability. Framed by fiery guitar licks, crafty bass lines, and steady drum work, this album is packaged for the center of you radio dial.”

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Adrianna Freeman, a shining example of where Raw Talent, Quality Production, and Musik Radio Promotions can take you.

February 12, 2013
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Adrianna Freeman

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Musik Radio Promotions


Adrianna Freeman

Country, Adult Contemporary, Crossover, Just Good Music

United States

Musik and Film


Biography: “Adrianna Freeman and her debut album ‘Either You Do Or You Don’t’ brought with it a new female sound and great songs”- Brain Clough

“With “I Will Not Be Your Tennessee” ADRIANNA FREEMAN manages to lay a better opener clearly the desire to make more. Her expressive vocals, her crystalline voice caresses the ear, you feel transported into the American South. She pulls listeners into a universe from which they are released after ten small Tonkunstwerken again. Faceted and varied, enthralling!”- Country JukeBox Magazine-Germany

“Adrianna isn’t a black girl trying to sing country, she is country! Adrianna has found her sound in Either You Do Or You Don’t”- Doug Johnson Former Curb Records VP

“Adrianna has an incredible voice”- Jason Aldean

“Adrianna is a very special Artist, the passion in her voice is a breathe of fresh air”- Teddy Gentry

“Adrianna simply blew me away”-Doug Howard former Lyric Street Records VP

“Adrianna is very talented and I believe she has what it takes to go all the way”- Iris Gordy former VP of Motown Records

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Grammy Award Winning – The Flamingos Starring Terry Johnson Romancing Airwaves Across the Globe with their New CD: The Diamond Anniversary Tour 2013

January 24, 2013
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Grammy Award Winning The Flamingos Starring Terry Johnson, aka the “Ambassadors for Romance”- herald the return of passion to radio airwaves worldwide as Musik Radio and Musik and Film Inc. launch into airplay “The Diamond Anniversary Tour 2013“ CD.

With a fresh new sound Hollywood, FL based Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famers The Flamingos debut their latest CD to worldwide radio through the promotions of Musik Radio ™ in association with Musik and Film Inc. Radio launch is scheduled to commence January 23, 2013.

When Cupid aimed his quiver of arrows at the music world, he inherently struck the hearts and voices of Terry Johnson and the newest members of The Flamingos. As unerring as the flight of those arrows, is the steady, rich flow of the music of love and romance from The Flamingos, Cupid’s “Ambassadors for Romance”. Proof the cherubic archer hit his mark, is the latest album, produced by Terry Johnson and Theresa Trigg.

Falling in love can start with a shared melody that one day becomes “our song.” The music of love and romance so evocatively delivered by this new album from The Flamingos has exactly that kind of power and persuasion. Released by Hot Fun Records, Musik Radio will be promoting the new CD to over 27,000 radio stations and 40,000 with syndication worldwide. From the opening track, written and performed by Grammy Hall of Fame Award honoree Terry Johnson, the listener is transported to a place and time separate from the daily details of ordinary life. Captivated by the richness of harmony interwoven into a musical tapestry you lose yourself. Dreamily sighing, one finds a hum tickling the back of your throat as you notice you are smiling and singing along hypnotized into an altered state. You’ve been romanced into the mood so aptly perfected by this impeccably produced new CD. In addition to being a gifted singer and performer, Johnson is a highly acclaimed producer. He was Musical and Vocal Arranger for The Flamingos during the magical time of the Grammy award win for their song,”I Only Have Eyes For You”. Starling Newsome and Stan Prinston join Terry on vocals presenting the listener with an audible example of the beauty of unity.

If, as some fear, romance has been “evicted” from much of today’s music, The Flamingos offer the recipe for reclamation: mix four parts smooth, mellow voices, fold in superb production, add sophisticated musical arrangements blend with keyboard and the guitar styling’s of award winning musicians, then sprinkle in familiar classics such as, “I Only Have Eyes For You,” and “When I Fall In Love,” and create The Diamond Anniversary Tour 2013 album. Send that recording into the world, taking it in concert and radio far and wide, to remind all of us that romance, and the love that a wonderful romance ignites, is ever near, if we just look and listen with open hearts.

“If you’re ever in the dog house, play this record and it gets you out fast.” – Bruno Mars in a Rolling Stone
Interview referencing The Flamingos, “I Only Have Eyes For You”

The Flamingos are currently on tour, traveling the world to present the romantic music of their Diamond
Anniversary Tour 2013 Album. For current tour dates and to purchase the new CD visit

Theresa Trigg
TJ Entertainment Agency
(954) 579-9123

You can read the online version of this press release here

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