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David Shanhun nominated for New Zealand CMA Horizon Award for 2nd Year

July 19, 2013
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David Shanhun has released his new single, ‘I Believe in You’ to worldwide radio through Musik Radio Promotions.

David launched his career as a professional musician enjoying early success as a finalist in the 2010 Singer Songwriter Syndicate’s “Singer/Songwriter” competition. The following year David was nominated for the Horizon Award (promising new artist) at the New Zealand Country Music Awards and was a nominee for the Pat McMinn Rising Star Award.

In 2012 David’s single “Missing You” held the number one spot on NZ weekly chart for five weeks. In 2013 David became the only artist to have been nominated twice for the coveted Horizon Award.

David has now released a new single, ‘I Believe in You”.  Working with the production team at Musik and Film, David spoke of the experience, “Admittedly I was nervous about working with Musik and Film, as I was already happy with my track “I Believe In You” as it was. Stephen and Eric have taken a good mix and made it superb – PLUS been a pleasure to work with. They have been great to communicate with (even when I misunderstood things), and quick to make changes I requested to really nail the fine details. I look forward to a growing relationship and more good things to come!

David’s new single has been released for international airplay by Musik Radio and is already receiving rave reviews, “Once again you stopped me in my tracks with an Artist who is breaking sound barriers. David Shanhun is absolutely remarkable. I will begin airplay immediately!”..David needs to be heard!.. Shashona McCall

The team at Musik and Film agree, and will be working closely with David on near future releases.

There is a bright future for this New Zealander.  David speaks of his future plans, “I am SUPER excited to be launching this track to Radio with Musik Radio Promotions and currently planning a tour for late October in NZ (and possibly a few dates in Australia). I will be performing at the National Country Music Awards in August as I have been nominated for the Horizon Award again this year. (I’m the only artist to have ever been nominated twice!). All in all a massive year and looking forward to many more great things to come!”


Tamika, ‘This Is Who I Am’, builds global fanbase with Musik and Film Promotions

June 4, 2013
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Super-talented, Tamika, has not let any grass grow under her feet since traveling to the USA to record her debut EP, ‘This Is Who I am” with the Musik and Film production team.

Since it’s debut to worldwide radio by Musik Radio Promotions, Tamika, has picked up thousands of stations all over the world consistently appearing on the Musik and Film Wall of Success.  Tamika is appearing on many charts around the world and even co-hosted radio programs.

Tamika and her ever faithful mum, Louise, traveled 10,000 miles around Aussie land in promotion of the EP.  She now has her first video, ‘Reason to Get Even’. which is in the Beat100.

Tamika also will be appearing soon on Australia’s Got Talent.

Watch out – Here comes Tamika!



Musik and Film promotes Sheila Raye Charles and ‘We are Hope’ to the world

June 3, 2013
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Musik and Film released through Musik Radio Promotions world wide radio, Sheila Raye Charles (daughter of Ray Charles) single,  ‘We Are Hope’ this week and is already being played on over 2,500 stations around the world.

Sheila Raye Charles, is the electrifying vocal that sings with spirit and up lifting inspiration Sheila, the daughter of musical legend the late Ray Charles, noted for her many music releases selling over 100,000 singles in her last recording ‘Behind The Shades.’She had been a guest on many talk shows her latest being the 700 Club sharing her story and her vision as she travels to enlighten and inspire others.

Sheila has come together on a collaboration with Conscious Music Entertainment, songwriter Milliea McKinney,  Marsha Brown CEO of Jandar Records, and backed by award winning choir, James Gear Company.The song was written by Milliea McKinney, to use as a theme song for Conscious Music Entertainment.  Milliea founded CME as a way to bring awareness to the importance of positive lyric content in music. CME promotes the message that painting in-appropriate language and filtering in to society paints the wrong message and teaches our kids wrong behavior. McKinney explains, ” Its up to society to raise the village we all must learn to live and respect each other and the lesson starts with our hearts and our kids”.

Sheila Raye Charles sings with a passion to  inspire humanity that  in spite of the violence and tragedy we see in the current times, there is still  love, faith, grace, hope, and charity. Sheila delivers the message with her spirited voice and her caring heart.

‘We Are Hope’ available on all music outlets on the web.


Adrianna Freeman’s ‘Either You Do or You Don’t’ distributed and promoted by Musik and Film Records reviewed by Power Source

June 3, 2013
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Adrianna signed with Musik and Film Records in Summer 2012 to release, “Either You Do or You Don’t”, and a global radio campaign was began by Musik Radio Promotions.

Adrianna is now charting on too many outlets to list, but is being played on 60,000+ stations all over the globe. Her “market” is the world. Because of the massive amount of airplay, Adrianna received due to the strategy of Musik Radio Promotions, Adrianna has now caught the attention of some of those in Nashville, and is receiving accolades for her music.





Shane Kenny, Irish Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, at Home with Musik and Film

May 24, 2013
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Shane Kenny is a singer/songwriter from Wexford, Ireland who has finished work on his second album titled “8 miles out” which is a follow up to his 2009 release “Lost in the Madness of Crowds”. The album will be released in the coming months. “Rolls off your tongue” is the first single to be released under the Musik and Film label and is already receiving heavy airplay with promotions by Musik Radio with play on over 2,000 stations worldwide.

Shane spoke of the experience, “I’m Really excited to announce that i am working with Florida based record label Musik and Film and that the 1st single “Rolls off your tongue” from my new album “8 miles out” has been released to radio stations worldwide. Many thanks goes out to Stephen and Rhonda at Musik and Film for getting my music to the masses, Terry Nails  at Musik and Film Productions and to Mick Egan for recording and guidance and of course to Brendan Keane , Dave Duffy and Peter Tierney for playing on the track. Thanks to everyone for making this song what it is.”
Since releasing his debut album he has appeared as support to such artists as diverse as Mundy, Duke Special, Mick Flannery, Jerry Fish, Lazek, Southern Tenant Folk Union, Declan O Rourke, John Spillane, Cathy Davey,  and The Irish Tenors among others.

With Shane’s first single release, he is already establishing a world wide base and is on the Musik and Film’s Wall of Success.  Indeed, 2013 is set to be a very busy year ahead for Irishman, Shane Kenney.




Adrianna Freeman,rising country star, climbs the charts on cashbox with promotions by Musik Radio

May 23, 2013
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Cashbox Magazine Music Charts, has been reporting Adrianna Freeman’s song, “Either You Do or You Don’t” for months.  The week of May 17, 2013 is no different as she charts at #3 along with country greats such as Ashley Monroe, Tim McGraw and Martina McBride.

Adrianna’s career as a country artist had stalled after being chosen as one of 12 artists with Teddy Gentry’s Cracker Barrel Contest for “Best New Nashville”. Adrianna’s bio states, “In accordance with the Best New Nashville album’s May of 2011 release, a national competition was launched, where fans were asked to vote for their favorite artist. The facilitators’ of the contest told Adrianna that she won the competition by a landslide. Even after winning the contest and Mr. Gentry’s star-power, Adrianna was still being told that there was no “market” for her music”.

Finally in the summer of 2012, after being introduced by Cathy Lemmon of Nashville’s ADN, Adrianna met with Stephen Wrench, President of Musik and Film. and he was blown away by Adrianna’s voice. Adrianna signed with Musik and Film Records and a global radio campaign was began by Musik Radio Promotions.

In Oct. 2012, Adrianna received accolades from Brian Clough, CMA International Broadcaster of the Year 2009, after receiving her DPK from Musik Radio Promotions.  Clough wrote, “Sheer class… an eclectic mix of light and shade of mid tempo and gentle songs which shows off her vocal range and quality, sometimes smokey and gentle, but always meaningful and believable.” Clough’s glowing review of Freeman catapulted her debut album, Either You Do or You Don’t‘ ,to quickly gain traction in the BBC network.

Adrianna is now charting on too many charts to list, but is being played on 60,000+ stations all over the globe. Her “market” is the world. Because of the massive amount of airplay, Adrianna received due to the strategy of Musik Radio Promotions, Adrianna has now caught the attention of some of those in Nashville, and is now recording a new album.

Adrianna recently stated, “Stephen I just want to thank you and Rhonda-I have worked for 11 years, playing second fiddle to everyone else. Being looked over and passed over for other artists. It feels so good to be with people who believe in me and my music. For so long I felt like it was just me, my family, a notebook , and some songs. I have been promised so many things by so many people in the music industry that I thought I would never be able to trust anyone else in this business again. BUT- I trust you and Ms. Rhonda! I am so thankful that God lead my family to you, I really can’t thank you guys enough for helping to renew my faith in this business once again. With God’s help- I am starting to really believe that we can go all the way!!!!”

Adrianna Freeman is on her way!


Musik Radio is a major radio promotion company, with 27,000+ verified 90% FM radio stations in our database;  125,000+ with sister stations +syndication, which is available to artists and labels. Musik Radio’s  Wall of Success has artists charting all over the world!


Mojo Mayne Teams with Musik Radio Promotions for Global Campaign

May 20, 2013
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Musik Radio Promotions have teamed with Hip Hop Urban artist Mojo Mayne to promote to global radio. Already he has been picked up on 8  BBC networks plus nearing the 10000 station count with his release “Got Dat Body” and “Longer than always” in less than 2 weeks.

Mojo has overcome much adversity but has only spurned him onward, “I’m not concerned with what everyone else is doing or how many people are listening to them, just as long as I grab that chance to be inspirational doing my thing, telling my own story of hope, of the highs in life that keep you in the right place.”

Mojo grew up, and was raised in Augusta and Atlanta, GA. After high school, he moved to Iowa, away from his stepdad’s hurtful behavior. Mojo has played with different bands, on many musical fronts. He caught the interest of Def Jam South, in Atlanta, and Octane Records (Phoenix, AZ). With the group Onetyme, they performed extensively in the Southwest regional area, including South Carolina, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbia, SC and Aiken, SC. Unfortunately, two of the band membersended up incarcerated. When that happened, the band was finished. Sales from their CD was hot, however the talented and persistent Mojo sold over 5 thousand CDs from the trunk of the car!
Mojo pushed on and created a local TV program in Augusta, GA, “The Unsigned” (www.theunsignedshow.com). He interviewed celebrities and other artists and had a nationwide distribution deal with PAX network, which became ION. As funding was too scarce to keep the production afloat, the show soon lost its steam. This did not stop him from attracting major sponsors for the program and even integrating them into the show itself.
In Iowa, life soon brought Mojo back into music where he belongs and he recorded a mix album of original material called Street Voodoo, which was released under SIMM/Sony Red distribution and experienced moderate buzz. Tragically, his sister was murdered in 2010 and his aunt passed away shortly after from medical complications- 2010 through 2012 necessary time for reflection and refocus. He later released more songs with other artists, creating fresh buzz.
With a brand new year, 2013!, upon him and his many fans, Mojo is so excited that the single Got Dat Body is busting out, on the soon-to-be released Born To Do It album, dropping this March! Mojo is also on the Musik Radio Promotions Wall of Success.

Mojo reflects, “My goal in the industry reflects my life choices – that is to be the best man that I can be, with a helping hand toward humanity, and leave a hopeful legacy for my children to learn from and appreciate and carry on the good news to the next generations to come.”





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Adrianna Freeman to Perform at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

May 20, 2013
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Adrianna  will spend Memorial Day weekend at the home of one of her childhood idols, when she performs at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, on May 25 and 26.

“Loretta Lynn has always been one of my favorites,” Freeman said. “I love the stories she tells in her songs, and she is one of a handful of female artists who influenced my own songwriting.”

The Ranch, which is Lynn’s home as well as a popular tourist attraction, includes shops, live entertainment and a museum dedicated to the singer’s career. Other artists are scheduled to perform there over the Memorial Day weekend, including Joe Nichols, Joey + Rorey, and Loretta Lynn herself. But for Freeman, one of the few African American female singers in country music, the opportunity is more personal than most, because of certain similarities between Lynn’s early life and her own.

“Loretta Lynn’s father was a coal miner who struggled to support his family in rural Kentucky; my dad was a sharecropper in the South,” Freeman said. “Ms. Lynn had a hard time getting radio stations to listen to her music, and so did I. I am not comparing my singing to hers; she will always be the Queen of Country Music. But she has been such an inspiration, the way she kept going when times were hard.”

Adrianna’s EP, “Either You Do or You Don’t”, promoted to world radio by Musik and Film’s promotional division, Musik Radio Promotions, is #3 on the Cashbox Music Charts.





Adrianna Freeman,rising country star, climbs the charts on Cashbox with promotions by Musik Radio


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