Adrianna Freeman

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Adrianna Freeman

Country, Adult Contemporary, Crossover, Just Good Music

United States

Musik and Film


Biography: “Adrianna Freeman and her debut album ‘Either You Do Or You Don’t’ brought with it a new female sound and great songs”- Brain Clough

“With “I Will Not Be Your Tennessee” ADRIANNA FREEMAN manages to lay a better opener clearly the desire to make more. Her expressive vocals, her crystalline voice caresses the ear, you feel transported into the American South. She pulls listeners into a universe from which they are released after ten small Tonkunstwerken again. Faceted and varied, enthralling!”- Country JukeBox Magazine-Germany

“Adrianna isn’t a black girl trying to sing country, she is country! Adrianna has found her sound in Either You Do Or You Don’t”- Doug Johnson Former Curb Records VP

“Adrianna has an incredible voice”- Jason Aldean

“Adrianna is a very special Artist, the passion in her voice is a breathe of fresh air”- Teddy Gentry

“Adrianna simply blew me away”-Doug Howard former Lyric Street Records VP

“Adrianna is very talented and I believe she has what it takes to go all the way”- Iris Gordy former VP of Motown Records