Rhett May has been chosen as Spotlight Artist through February for 3000 Records.  Terrance   Schemansky at 3000 Records says, “We are happy to have Rhett as our Spotlight Artist  this month!”

Rhett will also be featured on myspace, facebook  and twitter, with an email blast to 12,000+ artists and musicians.

Rhett May, a multi-cultural singer/songwriter/musician from Down Under has been receiving acclomades from all over the world with his new EP titled ‘Insatiable’.  Promoted to radio by  Musik Radio Promotions, Rhett May has continued to make a huge splash with receiving play by thousands of stations and networks including the BBC.

Apparently, all the work on the production end has paid off.  Rhett says of working with the MAF production team, “I feel I built a rapport with Stephen Wrench from day one….very easy going and likeable guy…and nothing was too hard…we shared some stories that are insane and I guess we come from a similar background in music…a similar era…the classic rock ’When the van is rockin’ don’t come knockin’ era…and the influences very much gel. Their interpretations and ideas did surprise me at times…but I listened and absorbed and came away with a sense of excitement that Stephen and Terry Nails….. that someone like Musik and Film were actually interested enough to take the time in listening to my songs, tearing them apart…positively…and then helping me put them back together in ways that I hadn’t considered. I think that they’ve taught me a number of things…and I’m grateful …I’m always learning and will certainly incorporate some of their fundamentals moving forward. ”

The whole idea was to have five songs that were entirely different from each other: ”Cocktails and Cannabis” (rock groove), ”Insatiable” (Acoustic and melancholy), ”Hey Peter” (Reggae/Upbeat) and ”Jenny” (Sixties/Beatleish).

This combination has certainly struck a chord as it has continued to generate excitement with every release.