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A Review for Crimson Chrysalis latest album Enraptured

August 17, 2015
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Earlier this year Musik and Film Records signed south african symphonic rock band Crimson Chrysalis, and released their sophomore album “Enraptured” to the world. It has been garnering reviews and fans around the world since. Below is a recent review from on the album itself, check it out:


Soaring symphonic rock with a baroque atmosphere and metal stylings is the order of the day from South Africa’s Crimson Chrysalis. Fronted by the climactic, powerhouse vocals of Rene van den Berg; the music ranges from sweeping operatic passages with heavy guitar riffs and orchestral arrangements holding court from a lofty position in the sky. If Lacuna Coil would have kept their original classical style mixed with metal (minus the growled male vocals), then they might have ended up in this ballpark, which isn’t a bad place to be.

On Enraptured, the project radiates a worldly power that transcends genre for something truly special. An Evanescence clone this isn’t. “Soul Stalker” opens up hard with pounding keyboards, a rumbling bass presence, thundering drums and metal guitars dancing in tandem with the somber synth melodies. At the center of the tempest Rene stands strong carrying the lyrics to incredibly hi plateaus. The waltzing “Surrender” trades tasteful, rock oriented lead guitar shots with gloriously conducted strings. An ethereal, mid-tempo crunch runs throughout much of “Elegy” and its engaging vocal duets.

“Sacred Vows” opens with a piano sonata, slowly building up to the introduction of strings and eventually delivering a fully bombastic barrage of melodic, harmony-minded guitar riffs at a grand scale. The vocals absolutely captivate from the first note to the last. It seems like “Infinity” is conjured from a darker place with singing adopting a gritty, smoky baritone amongst cycling, marching arrangements that are as loud as they are pretty. The straight heavy metal mania of “Burning Fire with Fire” has an intense, pulsing rhythm attack on hand, featuring some of the most aggressive drumming and bass on the album. In terms of its guitar riffs, this is a track that will get the feet stomping and the head-banging.

Acoustic guitar is a focal point of “Enlightenment.” Electric instrumentation is softly added during the track’s procession but for the most part this song remains a true to the heart ballad that fans of Blackmore’s Night would probably enjoy. Things get almost Metallica hard on the crunching, forward driving groove of “Fear.” Flute is added to the equation on the folksy dreamworld conjured up by “The Raven.” When you least expect it, the song practically catapults itself in your direction like a runaway wrecking ball intent on destruction. Closing couplet “Virgin Death” and “Grace” piles on the classical music goodness and could both be part of the soundtrack to the greatest romance movie ever made.

Crimson Chrysalis plays genuine music straight from the soul with the ability to appeal to fans of many different genres. The entire effect is like going to see a huge musical production conducted by a maestro. Rock, folk, metal, world, classical and opera are combed on Enraptured to create an album that really doesn’t sound a lot like anyone else out there. When you top if it off with the jaw-dropping vocal talents of Rene van den Berg; there is no denying the greatness. In a musical climate dominated by “formula” and “cookie cutter” pop, Crimson Chrysalis stands high above the pack.


If you want YOUR music heard around the world, be sure to contact the Musik Radio Promotions team about our radio promotions packages, you can find more information on that by clicking here.

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Musical Monk Makes News!

July 31, 2015
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Inspiration for a hit song can strike whenever! It hit Monk Filip Steeno, from the Netherlands, last soccer season during the final round. He wrote the song “‘t Spel van OHL” to support his favorite soccer team, and partnered up with the Musik Radio Promotions Team at Musik and Film to promote it to the world! He was picked up on Radio BBC, stations in Czech Republic, Italy, Brasil, Ecuador, and the list goes on!! Because of the success of the song, a local dutch news station did a report on it! The link to the video (turn on subtitles for English) is below, and so is the online article (Can be translated with Google Translate on Chrome Browser)! Check out the dancing monk as he celebrates his team and promotes his music to the world! If you want YOUR music to play worldwide, then contact the Radio Promotions Team at Musik and Film, and get YOUR music heard!!



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5 Ways to Employ YouTube for Freelance Musicians

June 1, 2015
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Musicians these days are always looking for ways to improve themselves, market themselves, and inspire themselves. With the advent of YouTube, that goal has become immensely more achievable right from home, for no charge at all. There are countless ways to exploit this service to your advantage, but Dylan Welsh of the online blog has clearly spelled out 5 ways to utilize YouTube as a freelance musician. These don’t just apply to freelance artists however, feel free to take advantage of these methods with your band as well. The article is definitely worth reading.

“I’ve seen a lot of active session musicians using video content on YouTube as a way to drive traffic to their websites and attract potential clients. This, of course, also strengthens your web presence and makes your brand even stronger. Here’s some of the smartest content that I’ve found active session musicians using for their YouTube channels.”- Snippet of full Article by Dylan Welsh

For full article go here:

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Rhett May, Spotlight Artist for 3000 Records

February 4, 2014
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Rhett May has been chosen as Spotlight Artist through February for 3000 Records.  Terrance   Schemansky at 3000 Records says, “We are happy to have Rhett as our Spotlight Artist  this month!”

Rhett will also be featured on myspace, facebook  and twitter, with an email blast to 12,000+ artists and musicians.

Rhett May, a multi-cultural singer/songwriter/musician from Down Under has been receiving acclomades from all over the world with his new EP titled ‘Insatiable’.  Promoted to radio by  Musik Radio Promotions, Rhett May has continued to make a huge splash with receiving play by thousands of stations and networks including the BBC.

Apparently, all the work on the production end has paid off.  Rhett says of working with the MAF production team, “I feel I built a rapport with Stephen Wrench from day one….very easy going and likeable guy…and nothing was too hard…we shared some stories that are insane and I guess we come from a similar background in music…a similar era…the classic rock ’When the van is rockin’ don’t come knockin’ era…and the influences very much gel. Their interpretations and ideas did surprise me at times…but I listened and absorbed and came away with a sense of excitement that Stephen and Terry Nails….. that someone like Musik and Film were actually interested enough to take the time in listening to my songs, tearing them apart…positively…and then helping me put them back together in ways that I hadn’t considered. I think that they’ve taught me a number of things…and I’m grateful …I’m always learning and will certainly incorporate some of their fundamentals moving forward. ”

The whole idea was to have five songs that were entirely different from each other: ”Cocktails and Cannabis” (rock groove), ”Insatiable” (Acoustic and melancholy), ”Hey Peter” (Reggae/Upbeat) and ”Jenny” (Sixties/Beatleish).

This combination has certainly struck a chord as it has continued to generate excitement with every release.

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Musik and Film Records Announce Management Division

January 3, 2014
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Stephen Wrench, President, Musik and Film Records, announces the opening of a management division. Wrench, who has been involved in the music industry in most every capacity and once an executive with RCA records, understands the needs of the indie artist in the industry climate of today.

The Musik and Film Management Division is a platform for serious independent artists to make their mark throughout the world. With 40+ years in the industry, the Musik and Film team has the track record and the contacts to help you record and produce your music, get you worldwide airplay and promotion and tour the world.

A few of the artists the Musik and Film team has worked with include:

Ozzy Osbourne, Missing Persons, Hank Williams Jr., Lynyrd Skynryd, (Marilyn Manson)John 5 , Travis Tritt , Ian Ashbury and the Cult , Tommy Tutone , Axl Rose , Slash, Nikki Sixx (motley crue)

Musik and Film acts as a multi-faceted partner to its artists, identifying their creative and conceptual goals and cultivating the artist’s vision and raw talent to make them a viable musical entity.



TO APPLY: Send the links to current music along with a description of goals.

Contact email:

If accepted, the artist will receive an evaluation and a personalized plan of the steps involved to achieve your goals.



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How a decaying business model now gives artists new money-making opportunities

December 17, 2013
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The decaying business model?

 The one that takes your talent, promises you everything and gives you back damned little in return…if anything. Just ask Lyle Lovett. He’s sold 4.6 million albums in the United States since 1991…and says he didn’t make a dime.

Decaying business model? Small wonder.

The music label models are dying or dead and don’t know it…decaying zombies who walk the earth thinking they are still alive. They rule the American airwaves with big money. They need fresh blood to survive. But they want the big game. They’re not going to give you a second glance. Or even a first glance. Not now, when it costs $1 million to get a single side played on the radio.

The good news?

Artists and musicians like you are seeing the light. The labels are telling them to go away. And they are. Far away. You don’t have to take it any more. Now there’s a way to have your music heard- and played- worldwide. No it’s not streaming. That’s not a profitable option.  Or downloads. Instead, there’s a proven way to have your music heard by millions. Worldwide.

Music heard plus Music played equals money made.

The key to music success has been around since the first guy beat on a log with a stick and discovered that if people liked the sound they would actually give him something to hear him do it again.  Somewhere down the road he added some strings, found a vocalist and hit the road. There was no radio…no tape, no records, no CDs…no streaming. Bands had to jump onto a bus and take their music to listeners and the listeners would pay. The more listeners who heard and liked their music, the more money made by the band. Along came radio. The recording industry followed. And millions of dollars changed hands. Mostly from one hand in the music label to another hand at their bank.

Pretty clear things have changed.  Hardly anyone is buying CDs, the big labels have nothing to sell, and the retailers who used to sell CDs have called it quits or closed their doors. The future is digital, right? Not so fast.

What we have today is the ‘Big Bang’ of Digital Music.

There’s been an expansion of digital delivery from zero to infinity at the speed of light. Problem is, like our early universe, there’s still a massive void where ideas and concepts are bouncing around, speeding and colliding with each other. Some surviving. Some not.

Some being reshaped by the minute.

There is confusion among everyone in the music business. The big labels are pulling back and not signing new artists. The established artists are experimenting with digital downloads and streaming and not liking it very much at all. Lady Gaga will tell you that.  In one year, on one streaming service, her’ Poker Face’ track was played more than a million times…Lady Gaga made only $167. One million streams. $167.  Not so much a bang as it is the proverbial whimper.

Confusion offers a real opportunity for musicians.

The big labels will tell you to take your music and go away. And we couldn’t agree more.  Things will settle down. The old business models will evolve in time as the big money in the music business figures out how to squeeze everyone involved once again.

In the meantime, now is your chance to get your foot in the front door…by slipping in the back door. The old way to new success.

It’s called radio. On-the-air, terrestrial radio. But it’s not your grandfather’s radio. It’s not even your grandfather’s country.

In the United States, radio listeners have been leaving in massive numbers. At the same time, listeners in other countries have been exploding by those same massive numbers. Foreign radio is not so controlled as our domestic stations. Overseas DJs and PDs actually listen to new music as it arrives…and if they like it they play it.  And if the audience, likes it they pass it along. And an unknown group becomes known very quickly…opening the doors to personal appearances, concerts, and merchandise sales. And even catching the attention of the big labels…if you still want that attention.

Having your music heard and played on radio stations worldwide takes only two things: Musik Radio Promotions and a well-produced track.  We offer you 6.5 billion new on-the-air RADIO listeners worldwide. Specifically, 165,000+ radio stations and networks including 95% FM, plus AM…and Internet Radio… in 104 countries.

So, what can Musik and Film Records offer to the Indie Artists?

(1) First Class production including development, recording, mixing, mastering, or even personally playing on the recording, co-writing and arranging your work if needed

(2) A REAL way of getting your music heard AND played with Musik Radio Promotions.

(3) Custom touring packages with established airplay.

And that’s the short list.

Decaying business model? It all depends on how you look at it.








Mojo Mayne Teams with Musik Radio Promotions for Global Campaign

May 20, 2013
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Musik Radio Promotions have teamed with Hip Hop Urban artist Mojo Mayne to promote to global radio. Already he has been picked up on 8  BBC networks plus nearing the 10000 station count with his release “Got Dat Body” and “Longer than always” in less than 2 weeks.

Mojo has overcome much adversity but has only spurned him onward, “I’m not concerned with what everyone else is doing or how many people are listening to them, just as long as I grab that chance to be inspirational doing my thing, telling my own story of hope, of the highs in life that keep you in the right place.”

Mojo grew up, and was raised in Augusta and Atlanta, GA. After high school, he moved to Iowa, away from his stepdad’s hurtful behavior. Mojo has played with different bands, on many musical fronts. He caught the interest of Def Jam South, in Atlanta, and Octane Records (Phoenix, AZ). With the group Onetyme, they performed extensively in the Southwest regional area, including South Carolina, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbia, SC and Aiken, SC. Unfortunately, two of the band membersended up incarcerated. When that happened, the band was finished. Sales from their CD was hot, however the talented and persistent Mojo sold over 5 thousand CDs from the trunk of the car!
Mojo pushed on and created a local TV program in Augusta, GA, “The Unsigned” ( He interviewed celebrities and other artists and had a nationwide distribution deal with PAX network, which became ION. As funding was too scarce to keep the production afloat, the show soon lost its steam. This did not stop him from attracting major sponsors for the program and even integrating them into the show itself.
In Iowa, life soon brought Mojo back into music where he belongs and he recorded a mix album of original material called Street Voodoo, which was released under SIMM/Sony Red distribution and experienced moderate buzz. Tragically, his sister was murdered in 2010 and his aunt passed away shortly after from medical complications- 2010 through 2012 necessary time for reflection and refocus. He later released more songs with other artists, creating fresh buzz.
With a brand new year, 2013!, upon him and his many fans, Mojo is so excited that the single Got Dat Body is busting out, on the soon-to-be released Born To Do It album, dropping this March! Mojo is also on the Musik Radio Promotions Wall of Success.

Mojo reflects, “My goal in the industry reflects my life choices – that is to be the best man that I can be, with a helping hand toward humanity, and leave a hopeful legacy for my children to learn from and appreciate and carry on the good news to the next generations to come.”






Greg Pope’s classic, When It Gets That Bad, released by Musik Radio Promotions

May 14, 2013
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“When It Gets That Bad”, Greg Pope’s new single is Oh so good – one of those timeless classics that remind one of The Eagles or Matchbox 20.

Excelling at piano at the age of 8, and guitar at 11, Greg Pope’s drive to understand and master a variety of music – from rock to pop to country – help to shape his unique voice and sound. Ultimately, it was country music that won him, driving him to focus on his songwriting and make the move to Nashville.

Writing with names like Dierks Bentley, Don Pfrimmer and Kyle Cook of Matchbox Twenty, Greg’s skills grew and his resolve intensified. Taking inspiration from country artists like George Strait and Kenny Chesney as well as rock legends like U2 and Journey, he molded those influences into a sound all his own. He searches for stories and melodies in the people he meets and strives to create music that will stand the test of time.

Pope is now signed with Musik Radio Promotions and is gaining a worldwide following with thousands of stations playing his music all over the world including the ECMA reporting stations.

Pope first contacted Stephen Wrench, President, who listened to his music and remarked, “I couldn’t get it out of my head all day”!   Pope comments about Musik and Film, “it’s the professionalism, the pace, and the belief in your artists, that I really love, all awesome things. But what is most important is, I like a plan and forward movement, and you guys have that.”

Greg Pope is most certainly moving forward with distinction on the Musik Radio Wall of Success. His music is playing in heads everywhere!

Greg’s new album, “The Great Unknown”, was released August 1, 2011 and is available on iTunes and CDBaby.


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