“In life, you have to be hard, and we are!” quotes Trivellor. Italy’s hot rock band with first single, “Wild Faith”, from the album, “BeWoman” is now on a worldwide campaign with Musik Radio Promotions. This concept of the album tries to describe the way to be a woman through some stories about courtships , parties , sex nights and analogies of everyday usage; 7 tracks; 7 stories; 7 moods.

“BeWoman” describes a woman who carries ahead her ideals in a world full of superficiality and individualism through her faith into the simple things like the trust in others and the love. Stephen Wrench, Musik and Film Records says of the “Wild Faith” , “the introduction sounds like an artist from “British Invasion” days. Just good melodic rock n’roll.”

Trivellor says, “yes Mr. it’s a dream for us! Enjoy!”