There is no disputing that “By The Water,Brian Iannucci’s love letter to his wife, Stacia, of 15 years, is a sublime piece of song writing. It takes a smooth country ballad base, weaves heart tugging melodies and pop accessibility together, wanders through wonderfully gentle dynamic shifts, and is above all personal, honest and celebratory. But when you want to shout your love from the rooftops, in musical terms at least, it has to be backed up with a solid marketing strategy and that is where the team at Musik Radio Promotions comes into their own.

Brian himself noted, “Musik and Film’s promotions strategies have created spectacular results. My single was distributed and picked up for airplay worldwide! This helped to promote my brand and gave me spectacular exposure. The process was easy to use and far eclipsed previous efforts that I have attempted to get my quality music noticed! No other promotion option that I have seen can even come close! I am seeing a huge jump in my social media. I put a simple YouTube video for promotional purposes and it got 5,500 views in the first 48 hours and over 27,000 views in a little more than two weeks. People are listening!”

Based in St Augustine, Florida, Brian is nothing if not versatile. He’s a musician who matches deft and often delicate piano work with a voice which has the ability to bypass head, and even heart, and talk to your very soul. Like most musicians he has a number of strings to his bow. Brian is often found playing long sets for parties, events, and shows that include classic tunes and familiar back catalogs from any number of genres. But it is when you hear him sing with his own voice and play what is in his own heart that you really realize what an amazing talent this man is.

By The Water, which was produced by Stephen Wrench, was cut in Nashville; which is surely the only place you could consider bringing such a blend of warm country undertones and melodic majesty to life. By The Water is an great example of the perfect combination of a great song, the right production, and the perfect promotional strategy that has worked wonders for a number of artists.

But it is more than just about the numbers. A song such as By The Water might be a very personal musical conversation, but it is one that we can all relate to. It is one that deserves to have a life beyond the intimate and loving reasons that brought it into being. And now it can. After all, if you feel so strongly about something, love someone so deeply, why wouldn’t you want the world to know?