Follow your heart but use your head!  Good advice followed through with by then 16 year old pop singer KIRBY and label/manager, Adam Cornes.  The utilization of social media and a worldwide campaign with Musik Radio Promotions jumpstarted a sensational career.

Contrary to the common misconception of the music business in the modern world, there are few rags to riches Cinderella stories and no emerging artist sums up the realities of way things work better than East Midlands singer KIRBY,.  Echoing the ideas she threads through her recent single “Head vs. Heart“, rather than wait for her dream to somehow miraculously come to fruition, she is seizing the day through dedication, hard work and by finding the right people to help her realize her ambitions.

Adam Cornes created a steady stream of daily posts, videos, facts, gossip and information, to intrigue and tease the pop consumers. People are more open to artists who they feel they know and Kirby became a familiar sight on social media.  As a result of a sustained and imaginative promotional campaign Kirby’s debut single, Head vs. Hearts was given the wings to travel the airwaves that it deserved and the results where exactly what any emerging artist could ask for with Musik Radio Promotions.

Kirby’s debut single Head vs Heart charted for 13 consecutive weeks in the Official American Radio Airplay charts peaking at Number 9 in the Pop Genre and 138 in the overall Top 200. Head vs Heart has also been played by BBC Radio inc Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and Stoke on Trent and continues to get airplay across Europe, America and South America. The BBC and other stations did interviews with Kirby. Now Kirby is on tour!

The perfect pop package requires the perfect pop promotion and Kirby’s sensuous blend of ultra-modern pop, dance floor vibes and electronic grooves is now reaching the ears of a global audience thanks to just the right balance of talent, dedication and switched on promotion. It is through this knowledgeable and experienced approach to the industry that now finds her on tour with UK’s X-Factor winner Sam Bailey, not a bad place to find yourself when trying to build your audience.

KIRBY’s debut EP is currently under production and you should get to see her perform live somewhere in the UK soon. KIRBY has been confirmed as support on two UK Tours already this year and will be touring in Poland in the spring. Her first headline show of 2017 in her hometown Burton upon Trent ft Xfactor Finalist Mason Noise has just sold out. Kirby has also just announced tours supporting the X Factor Winner Sam Bailey and 2016 Finalist Freddy Parker.

“Opportunity knocks”, as they say, but you aren’t going to hear it if you are sat in your bedroom with the music turned up dreaming of a career in music. Follow your heart, but use your head!