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What Social Media and Radio Play Has To Do With Record Sales

December 11, 2016
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Musik Radio Promotions was ahead of the curve 4 years ago inventing software for radio promotions worldwide.  It has grown to 250,000 stations in 180 countries.  We are able to get you radio play all over the world.

Twenty years ago, as a music fan, you would hear a song you enjoyed on the radio, head to the record store to buy the album and wait until the band came to town to attend a concert. The music industry was based on a straightforward consumption model.

In this online day and age you can consume music on innumerable platforms, interact with artists and other fans, and discover or share your music with the click of a button. Last year alone, more than 3 billion fans played over 60 billion songs on various online music platforms. The ability to track and catalog all of this activity has evolved only in the last few years and begs the question: does this social media activity actually lead to album or track sales? Which of the countless networks actually matter? Radio spins have long been considered the industry standard for predicting sales, and with good reason, but is that still the case? By combining radio and iTunes sales data for thousands of artists with social media data from all the major networks, from Facebook to YouTube, to Twitter and, we found good reason for why the industry should pay attention to the rest of the numbers.

In our analysis we focused on measuring the impact of social media on iTunes digital sales, both album and track units, initially looking at same day correlations between social media metrics and sales across all artists. This first-pass overview of the data confirmed suspicions that social media numbers did indeed correlate to sales; certain metrics even more so than radio spins. A particularly interesting phenomenon we discovered here, is that there is a difference in the metrics that are relevant to track sales versus album sales.


Knowledge to Navigate the Modern Music Industry: but still, As expected, radio had a strong relationship to single sales. Contact us to get your single out to 250,000 stations/180 countries.

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Jamaican artist, Akua Kamua, released by Musik Radio Promotions

February 14, 2014
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Akua Kamua is living the Jamaican dream of making music for the world to hear and enjoy. Kamua  has been released to the world by Musik Radio Promotions and is enjoying a welcoming audience to three of the seven tracks on his new EP, ‘My Island Darling‘.

Clocking in at 7 songs of high quality, the new EP from Akau Kamau is a release that is formed around the themes of Jamaican and African traditions and, in the artist’s words, ‘Ancestral Reverence’.

Kamua states, “The inspiration for the theme came about as a way to respect our heritage. My music is both aural and cerebral. I attempt to create songs which speak for themselves, however as is the case with instrumental music, the tempo, instrumentation is used to convey this message”.

Formed on the belief that generally our ancestors exist around us in the spiritual realm, these songs are designed as a tribute to the sacrifices that they made, in order for us all to have the opportunities that we now enjoy.

Operating on several levels, the seven songs on the EP are each written with a message in mind, allowing each listener to develop their own appreciation and interpretation for each song even more so if the sleeve notes have been read and understood. It makes for a different experience for each listener, especially if they are aware of the undercurrent for each song.

It’s an innovative approach, and impressive from an artist who wrote, recorded and produced the tracks all under his own steam. With a search now running to expand the band and take the project forward, this is a promising time for Akua Kamau.

Musik Radio Promotions is happy to be a part of this “promising time”.



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