Inspiration for a hit song can strike whenever! It hit Monk Filip Steeno, from the Netherlands, last soccer season during the final round. He wrote the song “‘t Spel van OHL” to support his favorite soccer team, and partnered up with the Musik Radio Promotions Team at Musik and Film to promote it to the world! He was picked up on Radio BBC, stations in Czech Republic, Italy, Brasil, Ecuador, and the list goes on!! Because of the success of the song, a local dutch news station did a report on it! The link to the video (turn on subtitles for English) is below, and so is the online article (Can be translated with Google Translate on Chrome Browser)! Check out the dancing monk as he celebrates his team and promotes his music to the world! If you want YOUR music to play worldwide, then contact the Radio Promotions Team at Musik and Film, and get YOUR music heard!!