The decaying business model?

 The one that takes your talent, promises you everything and gives you back damned little in return…if anything. Just ask Lyle Lovett. He’s sold 4.6 million albums in the United States since 1991…and says he didn’t make a dime.

Decaying business model? Small wonder.

The music label models are dying or dead and don’t know it…decaying zombies who walk the earth thinking they are still alive. They rule the American airwaves with big money. They need fresh blood to survive. But they want the big game. They’re not going to give you a second glance. Or even a first glance. Not now, when it costs $1 million to get a single side played on the radio.

The good news?

Artists and musicians like you are seeing the light. The labels are telling them to go away. And they are. Far away. You don’t have to take it any more. Now there’s a way to have your music heard- and played- worldwide. No it’s not streaming. That’s not a profitable option.  Or downloads. Instead, there’s a proven way to have your music heard by millions. Worldwide.

Music heard plus Music played equals money made.

The key to music success has been around since the first guy beat on a log with a stick and discovered that if people liked the sound they would actually give him something to hear him do it again.  Somewhere down the road he added some strings, found a vocalist and hit the road. There was no radio…no tape, no records, no CDs…no streaming. Bands had to jump onto a bus and take their music to listeners and the listeners would pay. The more listeners who heard and liked their music, the more money made by the band. Along came radio. The recording industry followed. And millions of dollars changed hands. Mostly from one hand in the music label to another hand at their bank.

Pretty clear things have changed.  Hardly anyone is buying CDs, the big labels have nothing to sell, and the retailers who used to sell CDs have called it quits or closed their doors. The future is digital, right? Not so fast.

What we have today is the ‘Big Bang’ of Digital Music.

There’s been an expansion of digital delivery from zero to infinity at the speed of light. Problem is, like our early universe, there’s still a massive void where ideas and concepts are bouncing around, speeding and colliding with each other. Some surviving. Some not.

Some being reshaped by the minute.

There is confusion among everyone in the music business. The big labels are pulling back and not signing new artists. The established artists are experimenting with digital downloads and streaming and not liking it very much at all. Lady Gaga will tell you that.  In one year, on one streaming service, her’ Poker Face’ track was played more than a million times…Lady Gaga made only $167. One million streams. $167.  Not so much a bang as it is the proverbial whimper.

Confusion offers a real opportunity for musicians.

The big labels will tell you to take your music and go away. And we couldn’t agree more.  Things will settle down. The old business models will evolve in time as the big money in the music business figures out how to squeeze everyone involved once again.

In the meantime, now is your chance to get your foot in the front door…by slipping in the back door. The old way to new success.

It’s called radio. On-the-air, terrestrial radio. But it’s not your grandfather’s radio. It’s not even your grandfather’s country.

In the United States, radio listeners have been leaving in massive numbers. At the same time, listeners in other countries have been exploding by those same massive numbers. Foreign radio is not so controlled as our domestic stations. Overseas DJs and PDs actually listen to new music as it arrives…and if they like it they play it.  And if the audience, likes it they pass it along. And an unknown group becomes known very quickly…opening the doors to personal appearances, concerts, and merchandise sales. And even catching the attention of the big labels…if you still want that attention.

Having your music heard and played on radio stations worldwide takes only two things: Musik Radio Promotions and a well-produced track.  We offer you 6.5 billion new on-the-air RADIO listeners worldwide. Specifically, 165,000+ radio stations and networks including 95% FM, plus AM…and Internet Radio… in 104 countries.

So, what can Musik and Film Records offer to the Indie Artists?

(1) First Class production including development, recording, mixing, mastering, or even personally playing on the recording, co-writing and arranging your work if needed

(2) A REAL way of getting your music heard AND played with Musik Radio Promotions.

(3) Custom touring packages with established airplay.

And that’s the short list.

Decaying business model? It all depends on how you look at it.