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Ireland’s Blues-Rock Band, Elevation Falls, Creating Revolution with Worldwide Radio Promotion

May 3, 2017
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A whole new generation has taken it upon themselves to give blues-rock a new lease of life and right at the forefront of this not so quiet revolution is Elevation Falls. Since the beginning of a campaign by Musik Radio Promotions, the world is spinning Elevation Falls in North America, South America, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

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Nashville-based, Soul Seaching Melodious, Charlotte Berg, Premiers Single Unnatural, With Worldwide Musik Radio Promotions

April 4, 2017
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Great music has the ability to talk to the head, the heart, move the limbs, sway the hips, stimulate the senses and stick in the memory. A great voice, however, does nothing less than talk to your very soul. It is Charlotte’s combination of pure, crystal clear deliveries and worldly-wise narratives that do just that.

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