The Old Era of Artist Management

Artist Management is an ever changing art. Back in the old days of record labels, an artist manager could pick up a talented artist or band. The manager could then pitch them for a “record deal” that included artist development where the record label would put them in a recording studio to record their album. Then the label would hire publicists, give them tour support with a “known” artist. The label would put then out to radio and TV show appearances. The label would pay for all costs in the hope of recouping what they spent on the artist. But that was the old days. Record Label deals do not exist anymore, at least not the ones of old. See

Musik and Film staff has been involved in managing some of the biggest artists in the world over the last few decades. But it’s a different game out there now. How many times have I heard, “Believe in my music.”? Believing and making the artist into a worldwide musical entity is a process involving contacts, experience, and strategic skill. There is no one out there going to discover anyone anymore. It’s a business, it’s your business as an artist. As a business, it requires a business plan that has to be enacted to achieve success.

Yes, there is all kinds of social media out there. But social media will only take you so far. This does help and if you are really lucky you may have a Youtube video that will go viral. But I would not depend on luck. Nor would I advise just because you’re good that you will make it as an artist. There are all kinds of levels of success. One level is to be popular in your local area. But if you want to tour successfully, gain a worldwide fan base you will need support. After all, who wants to go out to see an artist they have never heard of?

The New Era of Artist Management

Like any other business you will require all the tools the record labels once provided. Unfortunately it is now up to the artist to acquire the funding to pay for all those services. Just recording a great album is not enough. Radio Airplay is still very relevant according to Kristin Thomson and the Frontside Group. The article quotes “When talking about breaking artists and general mass appeal, it’s easy to say that you can’t create a superstar act without radio.”

If you are good enough you need to find an experienced, savvy manager. One who knows the game and can maneuver you on the game board to the finish line. But be prepared to have the funding to do so. You can start with baby steps and maneuver yourself slowly up the rung of success. But like any other business it will require start up capitol and then for you the dividends back into your business. The business of your music.

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