Longtime drummer with Chuck Berry and  Head East, Michael Mesey, forms American Greed.  The single, “Together” has charted at # 1 in the US, Europe and The World and is being played on mediabase billboard reporting stations. “It is very rare in the music business to find someone or a company that actually does what they say they will do and works very hard to produce results.Thanks to Stephen Wrench and his team at Musik and Film Promotions“, writes Michael.


Capturing the heart of rock music comes a quartet of sonic veterans called American Greed. Their new single Together is a powerhouse of hard-edged sound. Michael Mesey is joined by the expertise of Matt Arana, Dave Farver, and Bob Guion.  They are the recipients of the LA Music Awards, Hollywood Producer Choice Awards and The Hollywood Walk of Fame Award and individually worked and toured with some of the greatest artists in the music industry.

Each member of American Greed has over two decades of musicianship. Michael Mesey has over 40 years of recording and touring experience. As the band’s lead vocalist, Dave Farver is a lifelong performer and often noted for his warm and distinct voice. Lead guitarist Matt Arana reach the Top 20 rock charts with his previous band MeshSTL and had several videos air on MTV. Bass player Bob Guiuon is simply one of the best in music.

Together opens up with an intense guitar riff, which quickly transforms into an Americana melodic gem. The song is simply irresistible.”You’ll easily find yourself humming along to the new track “Together” from rockers American Greed. Not quite a ballad, but not quite a head-banger, the adrenaline is contained in this melodic rock offering. Bolstered by awesome backing harmonies, lead singer Dave Farver delivers an impressive array of octaves and emotions in this enjoyable outing. Fans of pop rock and straight-up rock and roll will love “Together”.

The backing instrumentation holds court as a blues-influenced rhythm that teleports the listener into a new dimension.This squadron of musical veterans have wonderfully put together a song for Americans who have been separated from their families, whether for military reasons, as working professionals, or other situations. Together is a song that embellishes American pride. Licks of electric guitar capture us in a way that is unprecedented. Lead singer Dave Farver puts the icing on the cake with a soulful performance that really stirs the heart. Coupled with a brilliant guitar solo. American Greed has certainly taken a courageous step forward and have given Americans a new heart through music – Together!