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OneLadyJazz/Laurel Moore Experiences “One of the Best Feelings” by Signing with Musik Radio Promotions

June 4, 2013
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Laurel Moore is her name and OneLadyJazz is her repertoire.  Originally from England, OneLadyJazz has been through Switzerland, Abu Dhabi and now resides in Qatar out in the Middle East.  No matter where she goes, Laurel Moore’s international appeal is sure to impress the masses.  Promoting the new single “The Girl From Ipanema” through Musik Radio Promotions, OneLadyJazz gives to the public music that will soothe even the most savage of beasts.  The single has been blasted out to radio stations worldwide by Musik Radio (already playing on over 1500 stations!) as Laurel Moore is yet another solid addition to the famous Wall of Success!

OneLadyJazz already has great things to say about her new home at Musik Radio Promotions: “Musik and Film offer the kind of potential worldwide airplay that musicians dream of!!  They open doors – and I am ecstatically happy to walk through this door–to success!  Knowing that my work is being valued and supported by Musik and Film and their team.”  So it definitely seems that OneLadyJazz aka Laurel Moore is in good hands but just who is this multicultural artist from Qatar and what is “The Girl From Ipanema” all about?

“The Girl From Ipanema” is a 1960s hit & very well-known Bossa nova song and OneLadyJazz offers up a refreshing rendition of the classic number.  By blending in a smooth jazzy touch with a voice that is as delicate as a feather, Laurel Moore is breathing new, invigorating life into the hit song.  The tenor sax is present & quite efficient and the mood is that of a relaxing day on the beach.  Just picture yourself soaking in the sun with the calm ocean waters surrounding you, waves crashing in and seagulls flying above; this is the scene that OneLadyJazz has created.  So serene and so rich in substance, Laurel Moore simply shines on “The Girl From Ipanema”.

With accolades already rolling in for OneLadyJazz like being featured as a ‘Notable New Jazz Artist’ by the New Jersey Jazz Society (2013) OR being a Finalist in ‘UAE’s Got Talent’ (2011) , Laurel is just getting started!  Besides being a stellar singer/songwriter, tenor sax player & classically-trained musician, Moore is also a fantastic artist of oil paintings.  Her work can be seen around the world at many galleries & venues where OneLadyJazz herself curates and exhibits her fine art collections.  Moore has been honored by being selected as ‘Best Worldwide Artist’ by Portrait and Landscape Art Books for 2013 and also was named ‘Best 100 Worldwide Artists’ by World Art Foundation on 2012.

Be prepared to be floating in air as you listen to Laurel Moore’s soothing cover of “The Girl From Ipanema”.  Whether it’s a picnic at the park, a relaxing nap in the hammock or a stroll on the boardwalk, OneLadyJazz has got you covered with her peaceful vibes.  With Musik Radio Promotions on her side, OneLadyJazz/Laurel Moore can do nothing but go UP…UP…UP… from here on out!


By 2J Rae


Shane Kenny, Irish Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, at Home with Musik and Film

May 24, 2013
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Shane Kenny is a singer/songwriter from Wexford, Ireland who has finished work on his second album titled “8 miles out” which is a follow up to his 2009 release “Lost in the Madness of Crowds”. The album will be released in the coming months. “Rolls off your tongue” is the first single to be released under the Musik and Film label and is already receiving heavy airplay with promotions by Musik Radio with play on over 2,000 stations worldwide.

Shane spoke of the experience, “I’m Really excited to announce that i am working with Florida based record label Musik and Film and that the 1st single “Rolls off your tongue” from my new album “8 miles out” has been released to radio stations worldwide. Many thanks goes out to Stephen and Rhonda at Musik and Film for getting my music to the masses, Terry Nails  at Musik and Film Productions and to Mick Egan for recording and guidance and of course to Brendan Keane , Dave Duffy and Peter Tierney for playing on the track. Thanks to everyone for making this song what it is.”
Since releasing his debut album he has appeared as support to such artists as diverse as Mundy, Duke Special, Mick Flannery, Jerry Fish, Lazek, Southern Tenant Folk Union, Declan O Rourke, John Spillane, Cathy Davey,  and The Irish Tenors among others.

With Shane’s first single release, he is already establishing a world wide base and is on the Musik and Film’s Wall of Success.  Indeed, 2013 is set to be a very busy year ahead for Irishman, Shane Kenney.




Adrianna Freeman,rising country star, climbs the charts on cashbox with promotions by Musik Radio

May 23, 2013
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Cashbox Magazine Music Charts, has been reporting Adrianna Freeman’s song, “Either You Do or You Don’t” for months.  The week of May 17, 2013 is no different as she charts at #3 along with country greats such as Ashley Monroe, Tim McGraw and Martina McBride.

Adrianna’s career as a country artist had stalled after being chosen as one of 12 artists with Teddy Gentry’s Cracker Barrel Contest for “Best New Nashville”. Adrianna’s bio states, “In accordance with the Best New Nashville album’s May of 2011 release, a national competition was launched, where fans were asked to vote for their favorite artist. The facilitators’ of the contest told Adrianna that she won the competition by a landslide. Even after winning the contest and Mr. Gentry’s star-power, Adrianna was still being told that there was no “market” for her music”.

Finally in the summer of 2012, after being introduced by Cathy Lemmon of Nashville’s ADN, Adrianna met with Stephen Wrench, President of Musik and Film. and he was blown away by Adrianna’s voice. Adrianna signed with Musik and Film Records and a global radio campaign was began by Musik Radio Promotions.

In Oct. 2012, Adrianna received accolades from Brian Clough, CMA International Broadcaster of the Year 2009, after receiving her DPK from Musik Radio Promotions.  Clough wrote, “Sheer class… an eclectic mix of light and shade of mid tempo and gentle songs which shows off her vocal range and quality, sometimes smokey and gentle, but always meaningful and believable.” Clough’s glowing review of Freeman catapulted her debut album, Either You Do or You Don’t‘ ,to quickly gain traction in the BBC network.

Adrianna is now charting on too many charts to list, but is being played on 60,000+ stations all over the globe. Her “market” is the world. Because of the massive amount of airplay, Adrianna received due to the strategy of Musik Radio Promotions, Adrianna has now caught the attention of some of those in Nashville, and is now recording a new album.

Adrianna recently stated, “Stephen I just want to thank you and Rhonda-I have worked for 11 years, playing second fiddle to everyone else. Being looked over and passed over for other artists. It feels so good to be with people who believe in me and my music. For so long I felt like it was just me, my family, a notebook , and some songs. I have been promised so many things by so many people in the music industry that I thought I would never be able to trust anyone else in this business again. BUT- I trust you and Ms. Rhonda! I am so thankful that God lead my family to you, I really can’t thank you guys enough for helping to renew my faith in this business once again. With God’s help- I am starting to really believe that we can go all the way!!!!”

Adrianna Freeman is on her way!


Musik Radio is a major radio promotion company, with 27,000+ verified 90% FM radio stations in our database;  125,000+ with sister stations +syndication, which is available to artists and labels. Musik Radio’s  Wall of Success has artists charting all over the world!


The Truth is you can get Airplay! Think- the world!

May 17, 2013
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It’s a BIG world out there!

Musik Radio Promotions has charted artists in the top 10 in many charts around the world.  Just check out the wall of success!

How, you ask? You read articles that give “the truth”- that say it can’t be done-Clear Channels owns the world- right?- WRONG!

Radio outside of the US works differently. The rest of the world for the most part does not have a top 30 that they play over and over. They have what they call “Radio Presenters” . These presenters each develop their own play lists based on what the audience wants to hear. And most stations outside the US are not one specific genre. Most stations play a variety of music and have shows that feature 2 to 4 hours of rock, then pop, then country and every other genre.

Musik Radio Promotions has over 27,000 radio stations and125,000+stations with syndicated networks and station affiliates in every genre in 60 countries. We literally have just about every radio station in the US, UK, Australasia, Ireland, Scotland, and thousands of stations in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. 98% of our stations are FM stations. We cover most Billboard, Cashbox and many other reporting stations and charts around the world. We promote to most major networks including ECMA, BBC, Sirius, I-Heart and many others.

So, who is Musik Radio Promotions?

Musicians.  Musicians that have toured the world extensively as members of internationally recognized artists.

We realized radio in the US is controlled by major labels known as “Gatekeepers”, meaning Major US radio corporations that positioned themselves as the “Gatekeepers” . They control almost 75% of the US radio market. This left 25% of possible stations within the US that would consider playing an Indie artist’s music. It’s a big world out there and we found out if you can get enough airplay outside of the US, it follows that the US market is then forced to listen and be receptive to playing your music.

How are we doing it differently?

Musik Radio Promotions has developed a program that will deliver a high quality DPK to radio PDs. The DPK  includes the artist’s promo picture, press quotes, web and social links, bios and music. We send the DPK to radio programmers all over the world. Radio can stream and listen and then decide if they want to download it for airplay. We provide weekly reporting to every artist for the life of the single, which has ranged from a minimum of 8 weeks to a maximum of over a year for some artists.

Are we successful?  Check out the Testimonial Page.

Benefits to the Indie Artist:

  1. Collect 100% of airplay royalties around the world. A plus-outside the US, royalties are considerably higher.
  2. Touring, it is impossible to successfully tour unless people know who you are. Use the radio airplay and charts to successfully tour any geographical area.

Costs? We design packages for the artist based on a single or multiple tracks.

How does an artist get started?

Experience has proved to the team at Musik Radio Promotions what radio will play and will not play. Production of the track is “key”.

Submit your track for review to our team of seasoned producers.

We want your music – heard AND played.



California’s Country Singer/Songwriter, Amy Gass, goes global with Musik Radio Promotions

April 15, 2013
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Amy Gass is a serious artist, willing to work hard to make her dreams a reality.  Says Amy, “Every moment, good or bad, is another opportunity to reach out and connect with the audience.

Amy has taken a step further to make her dreams a reality, signing with Musik Radio to promote her music in 60 countries to over 50,000 stations worldwide.

Her latest CD album shows off Amy’s talent as an exceptional singer and song writer.  Eight out of the ten songs were co-written by Amy, and you will enjoy her style and sound in these heart felt songs.  You can almost taste the intensity of “Never Knew”, and hear the determination of will in the song, “Strong”.

Manuel De Haro, producer and owner of Acceso Productions says, “I have to say Amy’s voice and talent is one of the most unique I have heard, and her passion and dedication for music are always inspiring.  I am always blown away by her impressive voice”

A favorite on her my space page is the rockin’ “When Good Girls Love bad Boys”. Then the adolescent pureness of the song, “My Best Friend” takes you back to childhood and dreaming that anything is possible. The crown jewel of the album is the heart wrenching duet, “When We’re Cheating On Each Other”. It reminds one of George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

  Amy  remarks, “Thanks to Stephen and his whole team, I am now being played in the UK, USA, Netherlands and all over Europe. I really appreciate Musik and Film’s support of my music and very impressed by the results I am getting now. For any artist who has been struggling with a dream and would love to be heard among the many, this is the right home for you. Again, thank you Stephen and your whole gang, I look forward to the future and the success to come!

Amy is now being played on over 3000 stations including the BBC Network, Australia, NZ, and Japan and is listed on the Musik Radio Wall of Success. 










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Beating The Odds- How Indie Artists Are Winning the Battle for Effective Commercial Airplay

March 30, 2013
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Recently there was an article by a well-known indie artist’s site entitled, “Radio Promotion- Why You Won’t Get Commercial Airplay”.  There is nothing further from the truth.

Good News – outside the US, world radio plays what they consider is good music.

They don’t care “who” the label is and you can’t pay them to play what they consider bad music. They are attentive to their listening audience and play what the audience wants to hear.

The Not so good news -Every year thousands of Indie artists attempt to place their music on commercial radio in the US to find it is only a racket. It’s a closed system of secret handshakes, pay to play, and broken promises. The playlists on commercial radio stations are mostly dictated from a central corporate headquarters and the songs are picked based on what record companies are “paying” the most in favors, vacations, money, and other various “who knows”? (top forty anyone?)

However, radio is still the most effective way to expose an Indie artist’s music to the public.

In the past, it was a daunting, expensive process. For decades, a promotion company worked in a limited geographical area. The promoter sent out records, tapes, cds to about 200 or so radio programmers in a specific genre and geographical region. There are still old school radio promoters out there doing business the same way. Not very effective, nor does it reach a lot of stations or give the artist maximum exposure.

Radio Promotion in the 21st Century

Now there are tons of companies offering promotion to internet radio stations. Then there are some internet stations where a artist can pay for so many spins on that internet station. It is unlikely anyone will ever hear them since the only people who listen to these stations are artists who paid to have their music played. Most of the listeners are other artists waiting to hear their song played.

Then there are the promotion companies who for a fee allow you to place your music on their site advertising that they have X amount of radio stations. They say that their radio stations are going to go on their site and wade through millions of songs in the hopes they will pick yours to add to their playlist. Radio programmers do not have the time nor the inclination to spend their week wading thru releases to find your song.

So – How DO you get played on BBC, Sirrus, Clear Channels and other major reporting stations?

It’s a big planet we live on. These days with digital distribution and all the many sites on the internet you want the world to hear your music. Not just a limited geographical area. Yes, internet radio is global but mainstream radio is still the most reliable source for anyone to hear your music. Mainstream like the BBC, Sirrus, Clear Channels and other major reporting stations.

How do you get to them?

There are a few innovative companies out there that have stayed ahead of the curve and all the changes. What you as an artist wants is to be able to deliver your music directly into the hands of radio program directors. You want to be able to do this without having to send a cd . Without having to have radio programmers wade thru a million releases to have yours jump out at them.

You want to be heard and played.

So search for a company that delivers a high quality digital press kit to radio programmers that they can quickly stream and listen to. And if they like what they hear they can download it for airplay. Find a promoter who does this around the globe to tens of thousands of stations – one with developed relationships, measurable results, and references.

Indie Artists Are Getting Commercial Airplay – Now

The good news is outside the US world radio plays what they consider is good music. They don’t care who the label is and you can’t pay them to play what they consider bad music. They are attentive to their listening audience and play what the audience wants to hear. So if you are good as you think you are,  find one of these radio promoters who will deliver your music to the world without you taking out a second mortgage on your home.

We do exist.





Ryan Casper signed to Musik and Film’s Radio Promotions Division

March 18, 2013
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Ryan Casper says of his music, ” I’m not pop, but I’m not part of the big buckle crowd either. My sound is a blend of modern and traditional. It’s a little bit of Garth and a little bit of Skynyrd with mustard and relish”.

Casper has now partnered with Musik Radio Promotions, which has become known for using a non-traditional method of getting the best music played on radio stations all over the world.  Since releasing Casper’s single, As the Crow Flies,  it was quickly picked up by the BBC network , most of the ECMA(European Country Music Assoc), Europe,Australia, NZ, Ireland, Uk, US,  and 100’s of stations around the world.

Being claimed as a hit:

“Oh, is that ever a hit song!”  Dixie McCorkell CMA/CCMA/ECMA Triplestrand Productions.

“As far as new artists go, I’ve never had such a demand. Bottom line…great guy, amazing music and I think it’s safe to say this might be Ryan Casper country now.” J-Dub(Justin Whitfield) of KKOW Radio.

Ryan Casper and Musik Radio Promotions plan to release 4 more singles this year.  We are sure to be hearing more of Ryan Casper very soon!

For more information, please visit

.Ryan Casper Photos-Magic Craft 002


Musik and Film Records Release new album by Australian artist, Mark Harragon

March 6, 2013
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Mark Harragon, who signed with Musik and Film in 2012, is now releasing a new album, Forgotton Dreams.

Mark has silently been crafting his Song Writing talent over the years along with his development in Music Production to emerge with a truck load of songs in a variety of genres including Ballads, Folk Rock, Country Rock and Blues.

With songs that reach the listener with a blend of thought provoking lyrics and ear catching melodies, no matter what your taste in music, there’s a good chance you will  like what you hear in the Artistry and Music of Mark Harragon. “I can hear the Rock and Roll influences in his music, along with a deep rooting of Soul – Mark has a very unique Country/Rock sound!”.
Stephen Wrench.


Two singles off the album, “O Mary” and “Back On the Street Again”,  have been released to international radio airplay by Musik Radio Promotions and is already receiving airplay by stations around the world.

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