Sweden’s, LaGaylia Frazier released an EP full of soul and blues and funk entitled, That Girl, on August 14, 2013. After 20 plus years in show business she thinks it’s time to get personal and real with the music that has inspired her. She has never been more sincere than now.

With the new EP, That Girl, LaGaylia wants to show what she is really about musically.  Musik Radio Promotions was the perfect vehicle to partner with to ensure LaGaylia’s music was “heard” round the world. Since promotions began in earlier this month, over 4,000 stations have found what LaGaylia is all about.
The EP is all about raw soul and funk.The productions are stripped down, and the EP was recorded during three intensive days in a small studio in Stockholm. Inspiration was found in everything from Prince to Stevie wonder to Portisehead.

LaGaylia says of the release, ” I’m really proud of this EP. I hope these tracks make you feel like dancing!”