Laurel Moore is her name and OneLadyJazz is her repertoire.  Originally from England, OneLadyJazz has been through Switzerland, Abu Dhabi and now resides in Qatar out in the Middle East.  No matter where she goes, Laurel Moore’s international appeal is sure to impress the masses.  Promoting the new single “The Girl From Ipanema” through Musik Radio Promotions, OneLadyJazz gives to the public music that will soothe even the most savage of beasts.  The single has been blasted out to radio stations worldwide by Musik Radio (already playing on over 1500 stations!) as Laurel Moore is yet another solid addition to the famous Wall of Success!

OneLadyJazz already has great things to say about her new home at Musik Radio Promotions: “Musik and Film offer the kind of potential worldwide airplay that musicians dream of!!  They open doors – and I am ecstatically happy to walk through this door–to success!  Knowing that my work is being valued and supported by Musik and Film and their team.”  So it definitely seems that OneLadyJazz aka Laurel Moore is in good hands but just who is this multicultural artist from Qatar and what is “The Girl From Ipanema” all about?

“The Girl From Ipanema” is a 1960s hit & very well-known Bossa nova song and OneLadyJazz offers up a refreshing rendition of the classic number.  By blending in a smooth jazzy touch with a voice that is as delicate as a feather, Laurel Moore is breathing new, invigorating life into the hit song.  The tenor sax is present & quite efficient and the mood is that of a relaxing day on the beach.  Just picture yourself soaking in the sun with the calm ocean waters surrounding you, waves crashing in and seagulls flying above; this is the scene that OneLadyJazz has created.  So serene and so rich in substance, Laurel Moore simply shines on “The Girl From Ipanema”.

With accolades already rolling in for OneLadyJazz like being featured as a ‘Notable New Jazz Artist’ by the New Jersey Jazz Society (2013) OR being a Finalist in ‘UAE’s Got Talent’ (2011) , Laurel is just getting started!  Besides being a stellar singer/songwriter, tenor sax player & classically-trained musician, Moore is also a fantastic artist of oil paintings.  Her work can be seen around the world at many galleries & venues where OneLadyJazz herself curates and exhibits her fine art collections.  Moore has been honored by being selected as ‘Best Worldwide Artist’ by Portrait and Landscape Art Books for 2013 and also was named ‘Best 100 Worldwide Artists’ by World Art Foundation on 2012.

Be prepared to be floating in air as you listen to Laurel Moore’s soothing cover of “The Girl From Ipanema”.  Whether it’s a picnic at the park, a relaxing nap in the hammock or a stroll on the boardwalk, OneLadyJazz has got you covered with her peaceful vibes.  With Musik Radio Promotions on her side, OneLadyJazz/Laurel Moore can do nothing but go UP…UP…UP… from here on out!


By 2J Rae