Google “radio airplay” – the pages come up one after another: Guaranteed Airplay, We will get you played on the internet, We’ll make you a star. The list goes on and on. Who do you go to?  What do you do? Your an indie artist with a great song. You don’t have much money so you go to the cheap site –  Yes, 150 bucks we will get you played. Played on what?

OK, so they are gonna let you load up one song on their website and radio is going to sign into their site and listen to thousands of songs and they are going to find yours and get you played worldwide. If you buy that one I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell cheap.

An average radio station gets 300 to 500 submissions a week and that is from legitimate radio promoters plus the CDs they get from indie bands. Now you’re supposed to believe that the one person in that radio station is going to have time after they listen to 500 new artists submissions to go sign into a radio site and wade through a few thousand other songs? Don’t think so.

You have heard the old expression “pay peanuts and you get elephants”. You spared no expense creating and recording it. Now you’re out of money and you think this song is so good everyone is gonna’ want to play it. You just have to get it to them.

Bottom line is if you want radio airplay you have to get it heard by the decision makers. That’s the radio programmers and station music directors.

Stephen WrenchPresident, Musik Radio Promotions


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