We’ve got all kinds of recording programs. Ones that make “this” sound and “that” sound . Programs for drums, programs to analyze. Programs to play your guitar for you. Programs to mix , programs to master. They can create all the recording programs they want, but nothing will ever replace an experienced engineer and producer nor replace their ears and experience.
I have heard really good artists go in and record a good song . When they recorded, it may have sounded good. Then, they put it into a mixing and mastering program and let a computer do the work of human ears. When they performed it live, it made your hair stand up. After all,  isn’t music supposed to invoke emotion? A computer does not have ears, nor can a computer program feel the emotion a great song evokes in humans. The passion, the feeling knowing the singer was singing their heart out cause the listener felt it.
Do you think Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Tina Turner trusted some computer program to mix and master them? Trust your own ears and trust what you feel inside when you hear it or find someone you can trust.  A computer program can’t replace the quality in music that is only tangible to the human heart.
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