• Musik Radio Promotions presents Hip Hop Artist, Justin Smith’s single, The Pain, as it Breaks The Comfort Zone. If ever rap music spoke of the lives and aspirations of the young urban experience, this is where it is said most eloquently in raps own first language.

Despite a checkered past that includes expulsions from school and run-ins with the law for possession and other drug-related offenses, music has always seemed like a salvation, a way to break the cycle for Justin Smith. After hearing The Marshall Mathers LP around the age of 9 and becoming intrigued by Lil Wayne’s creative process as a teenager he has dreamt of pursuing a music career but his past has always hung around him like a weight, holding him back. Despite these problems, he has struggled through and just released his debut album, The $mith Tape.

First single, “The Pain” tips its hat to the past whilst shaping the future and it does really feel like a first, a bold step forward, a post-urban style that pushes beyond the rules and regulations, ignores the fickle finger of fashion and has no time for musical guardians and narrow-minded pedants telling it what hip-hop, pop, rap, trap, electronic music or any other genre should be about.

And it is this addictive combination of hypnotic vocal delivery and trippy accessibility which really moves the ball forward, breaks out of the comfort zones and offers a new take on an old sound. It is the perfect eulogy for the streets, the hustle, the hassle, the grime and the game, it plays to stereotypical images but it drips with dark reality.

The album is picking up a major following on streaming platforms and working its way up charts for emerging artists, and a tour is already being planned, so it looks like his dreams are finally coming to fruition. With a mixtape titled Mr. Steal Your Beat also just dropped, now is the perfect time to check out urban music’s best-kept secret, it won’t be long before he is everyone’s favorite new rapper on the block.