Musik Radio Promotions presents to the world, “Cold Blooded“, the debut single from a fascinating young artist, Ellency. Just last year graduating from the prestigious University of Westminster, it’s time to head out in the big, wide, musical world.

Lorenzo Cocci, A.K.A. Ellency, says there is a story behind this song to which we can all relate. “The lyrics of the song came from a very difficult period of my life, where I had many unanswered questions. When life gets hard, you need to have courage and keep fighting, whatever the adversity might be. From here, the title of the song, Cold Blooded.”

“Cold Blooded” is confident enough in its own skin to take its time, which enjoys restraint and underplay. It is a song built around space, carefully crafted sounds creating a sonic wake as it builds ambient landscapes of meditative post-pop before building into some epic crescendos. It is also a song you could describe as unique, beautiful, haunting, ambient and otherworldly, built through seamless and graceful musical lines and leaves the listener to join dots. This is music as a suggestion rather than direction, neither leading nor following but happier to follow its own meandering instincts.

On the one hand, it is an unobtrusive song, one which can sit in the background late at night or maybe just as a mood enhancer but once you begin to immerse yourself into just how wonderfully emotive and heartfelt it is you will realize that you have uncovered a real gem. It may not sparkle as vibrantly or obviously as some you may have seen, but you will find yourself gazing into the myriad of subtle, shifting colors at its heart for years to come.

Ellency, a play on the artist’s initials, has delivered the perfect debut single, one that not only is a fantastic song in its own right, but through its ever-shifting nature and slow-burning appeal showcases the range and depth of his abilities. On the basis of this, if you ask the question “Where next musically for Ellency?” the answer is a resounding, “Anywhere he chooses to go!”

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