Laurel Moore’s beautiful rendition of ‘The Christmas Song’ has been released to worldwide radio campaign and immediately snapped up by the BBC for airplay.

  ‘The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting) features vocals, Tenor Saxophone, and Arrangement by Laurel Moore as OneLadyJazz
 After  ONE week of release  Moore was offered a US TV/Film Publishing Deal , by ‘Music Of The Sea’  who said:
 ”Beautiful Song! I think it’s a nice fit for many films/tv/ads in many different directions. Romantic comedies, dramatic scenes and car     commercials, espn,  etc.  It’s a very sync-able track. I think your music will do especially well in Japan” E.Sea.
One Lady Jazz, whose first promotion with Musik and Film was ‘Easy to Love’  has been approached with numerous publishing  and media opportunities:
Moore has signed 6  US TV/FILM Publishing Deals on her songs with a variety of Publishing Companies and have had US TV/Film publishing offers made on all 12 of my songs, which include covers like ‘God Bless The Child’ and originals like ‘My New Beginning’.
Moore’s new original song ‘Wherever The Weather’ (co-written with my Canadian writing partner Steve Parisien) is set to play to 100 million listeners worldwide PER DAY. Inside 280+ Brands like Starbucks, M Casino and Trump Towers, Hotels, BCBG, Joey Restaurants and many more brand names.One Lady Jazz was featured artist on front page of PopVulture Magazine  with a readership of 650K. Laurel says, “I was approached to do a feature by this magazine after they heard my previous radio release with  ‘Easy To Love’.  Thanks for your on-going support and efforts on my behalf.”Musik and Film promotions division is proud to be able to successfully present talented indie artists such as Laurel Moore to world radio. 

Pop Vulture