Once upon a time an artist could dream they would be the lucky one–that a major record deal would appear under their pillow. They would wake up and go into a studio and record an album with a top-notch producer. Once the album was complete the major label would hire publicists, radio promoters and put them on tour with another major artist. Soon thereafter they would be a star. Nice dream. Unfortunately, that was once upon a time.

Today is a new day. Major labels still exist but on a different level. The days of discovering talent are over. EMI and all its subsidiaries went bankrupt and their catalog was sold for exploitation. There are no more development deals of which we know.. There are no more major record deals for the unknown artists. There are no more free development or PR or radio promotion. There is no one left to pick up the tab but the artist themselves.Radio Promotions

Artists around the world can thank the digital age for this shift. Free downloads, free streaming — No more record stores, only a handful here and there. So how can a major label recoup their investment into developing a new artist? They can’t , that’s why those days are over.

Artists need to realize if they are going to make it — it is going to be up to them to hire the studios, the producers, the publicist and the radio promoter. They are going to have to be very savvy and educated on what’s happening in the industry today. They are going to have to work their social media, publicity and radio promotions.

I quote “. Commercial radio airplay remains the number one outlet for discovery” Here are the 12 strategies for success as an indie artist. .http://indieconnect.com/12-strategies-long-term-success-indie-artist/

Again I quote “Treat your career like a business – because it IS! “

As an artist you are the only one who can help you get to where you want to go in your career. So grab hold, educate yourself to the business today. Formulate a solid business plan. Associate yourself wisely and most of all create great music because its what you do best.

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Stephen Wrench, President, Musik and Film Records

Wrench has been in the music business for over 40 years as singer/songwriter, producer and record label executive for RCA in Nashville. He nows runs a successful indie label and radio promotions company under the Musik and Film label. For more information on Stephen Wrench, go to www.musikandfilm.com/producers