Musik Radio Promotions has just released the single ‘Lion’s Heart’ , by Musik and Film Records artist,  Skye, in a worldwide campaign. It was immediately picked up for airplay by BBC2 and hundreds of stations around the world.

‘Lions Heart’ is the first song  to begin a series of collaborations between Skye and Stephen Wrench.   Earlier this year, Skye signed a development and promotions deal with Stephen Wrench and Musik and Film Records.

Wrench  has been in the music business for over 40 years as singer/songwriter, producer and  record company executive for a major label .Wrench says of  Skye, “I  have worked with some major artists over the years. Every once in a great while you come across an artist with a unique, distinctive voice; one with a quality that makes you want to listen to them sing. Skye is just that kind of a artist. Her voice has a softness that draws you in as she sings from the soul.”
Wrench, who is now President of Musik and Film Records, has taken on Skye as a “pet” project. Wrench had been searching for that one special artist with the potential to produce hit songs. Not only does Skye have a unique voice, but she  has a unique way of crafting a song. As they write together, the combination of the two  is the perfect recipe for this blend of melodic music , unique lyrics and alluring vocals.
Stay tuned for much more to come!