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STOCKHOLM STONER, featuring Mats Ronander formerly of ABBA, debut album with Musik and Film

December 23, 2011
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STOCKHOLM STONER, featuring Mats Ronander formerly of ABBA, debut album with Musik and Film

Swedish mega band Stockholm Stoner’s debut album – “Stockholm Stoner” climbs to top of the charts in Europe and heads West!


PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 22, 2011 –
Through the stark, clean lines of the Swedish landscape your eye focuses on a bright hot dot of red in the distance. Pulling closer you hear the giddy, riotous rumble of a party, dancing, music, brännvin flowing, you step inside. A rush of brass horns blow you back against the door, jubilant strings tickle your cold slapped cheeks and the warm dulcet blend of voices calls for you to come in, get comfortable, this could take all night.

You’ve discovered “Stockholm Stoner”!

Stephen Wrench, CEO, Musik and Film and Out of the Box Records is thrilled to introduce the world to this fantastic new band and this inspiring new album through their distribution and promotion.

Stockholm Stoner is the exuberant; youth filled love child of Mats Ronander, Johan Wahlstrom, Tobbe Stener, Magnus Fritz, and Karin Risberg. Individually this group of artists has produced more than 15 solo albums and toured or recorded with: Abba, Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, Mick Taylor, Graham Parker, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), Key Marcello (Europe), Dan Reed,John Adam Murph, Sanne Salomonsen, Norma Jean, Connie Smith amongst many others. Their debut album Stockholm Stoner hit Gold in Sweden and has swiftly become a Top 20 album on the Swedish Album Chart. The hit single “The Bridge” is one of the 15 most played songs on Swedish National Radio.

Fronting Stockholm Stoner with lead vocals, harmonica and guitar Mats Ronander continues a wildly successful career that has seen a dozen Gold and Platinum records in Norway and Sweden. Former member of mega group ABBA, Ronander is loved worldwide and joined in Stockholm Stoner with other former ABBA collaborators Tobbe Stener (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Programming) and Magnus Fritz (drums). Lending the feminine delicate overtones to the vocals of this album is the beautiful Karin Risberg. Johan Wahlstrom (keys) paints the complex textures that make this album a timeless masterpiece.

“There is a distinct English classic rock feel to this album and it could have easily come from any of the past four decades, such is the timeless quality of the music on display here. Thrilling horn section adds a class feel to the whole proceedings. A classic album from a new but soon to be classic band!” TC – Classic Rock Society Magazine

“Musik and Film” will be utilitilizing all the resources available through its radio division, Full Radio Promotions, for a world-wide full scale promotions and radio air play push.

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Alt. Acoustic Group 7 Horses Signs With Musik And Film, Cinderella Records

December 13, 2011
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Step off your planet. Find a new place. Get Out of your dust bowl. Wipe away the haze.” – From ‘Bright’

7 Horses is gearing up to release their much anticipated new single “Bright”. Galloping in on the heels of their world wide hit “Brave New World”, “Bright” has this diverse duo delighting us once again. Prolific songwriter and lead vocalist Joanne blends her haunting vocals with partner Phil’s unique chord voicings and signature rhythmic guitar.

Bright’s uplifting, soaring harmonies lift you skyward as you float through the musical landscape, balancing on the strings of the sweeping violin and anchoring on to the deep stratocaster urging you to “shine, shine, shine”.

This New York based duo came onto the scene as an alternative acoustic act. Described as soft as Jewel with the edge of Patty Smith and the allure of a smokey room. 7 Horses beckons the listener to venture deeper, look closer. Influenced by artists like David Gray,Jackson Browne, Bon Jovi, Patty Smith and Johnny Cash. Their sound has warm blue undertones, sometimes even a beautiful darkness that captivates and leaves you doing a little soul searching as you find yourself lost in their emotive soundscape.

7 Horses plays “real” music. Music that has the rawness and purity that withstands fads and fashions and sounds as good today as it will 10 years from now. *VH1- Song of the Year Contest has put them on the list of suggestive artists to listen to!

“Bright” will be available on sites and ringtones everywhere in late December.

“Bright” will also be submitted by Musik and Film’s radio division, Full Radio Promotions to over 15,000 radio stations for consideration for airplay.

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Hard Hitting Metal Band Bazerk Signs With Musik and Film

December 13, 2011
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Stephen Wrench, CEO, Musik and Film and Cinderella Records signs hard hitting Metal/Funk Band Bazerk to an exclusive world wide distribution deal.
“Hello America, yeah you know it’s me. Check one, one, one-two-three”… Bazerk, the South Central LA based caustic camp has jumped in with Cinderella Records and Musik and Film. This virulent group brilliantly blends rap, metal, and funk with lyrical melodies and tenacious rhythms. Their new album BIGGER THAN GODZILLA smacks the listener square in the face with infective tracks like Check This Out Ya’ll and Hello America. The underground Alt-Rock-Hip-Hop sound brings you back to the days of Public Enemy, In Living Color, Rage Against the Machine and Cypress Hill. Funk master George Clinton and Angelo of Fishbone chop up their own special flavor and toss it in to the tasty mix up of BIGGER THAN GODZILLA.

Frontman and creator Zookeynee’s skillful lyrical rap over Sablan and X’s funk heavy guitar, jammed up against Tes’ mad bottom bass and Shawn’s hard hitting drums make up this coarse urban mix. The band has performed all over the West Coast and has appeared on live radio shows at KPFK, KDAY, KTLH, KCRW, UCLA Radio and Extreme TV. Bazerk has shared the stage with the Black Eyed Peas, Fishbone, George Clinton, Ludacris, Robin Thicke, Bad Brains, One Side Zero, De La Soul, 1AD7, Bloodsugar, Year of the Dragon, Herbal Influence and Sleepy Brown.

Bazerk’s albums “I Heard Y’all Like Violence”, “Twisted Sick Mutha”, “Bazerk In Yo Mouth”, “America’s Illest” and “Hello America” are available at iTunes, Amazon and ReverbNation.

BIGGER THAN GODZILLA will also be promoted by Musik and Film’s radio division, Full Radio Promotions, to over 15,0000 radio stations for consideration for airplay.

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Wicked Saints Reviewed By Altcountryforum

December 8, 2011
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Altcountryforum Review

December 8, 2011

Six months ago, the self-titled debut album was released from the Los Angeles-based folk rock band Wicked Saints. Wicked Saints is a band around the talented American singer-songwriter Paul McCarty (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and some very versatile, and experienced local musicians including David Vidal (slide guitar), Chad Watson (bass), Bobby Thomas (keyboards, accordion) John Gannon (drums) and Brent Michelle (vocals).

“Wicked Saints” shows a varied sound heard, including McCarty’s light melancholic vocals and excellent guitar playing as Vidal’s constant factor. The repertoire on this album is partly included in the Milestone Recording & Post and Vidal’s own studio with Annie Miles behind the production table for intimate, intense and austere musical moments provided.

“Wicked Saints” is a brilliant album where the listener is treated to become sophisticated and atmospheric acoustic folk songs (Which Way The Wind Blows, Give Me Time), excellent reggae outings (The Way I’m Strung, Bring Me Home) and pronounced blues influences (Walkin ‘On The Water). A pleasant, stimulating and intoxicating album. Absolute highlights for me are the heart-wrenching Mama, the loss of Paul’s beloved mother and the raw Run Run Todd. This number tells the escape of Todd Palin to his wife and American politician. This excellent CD from Wicked Saints deserves in my opinion much more interest from the music press than this so far have received.

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Jenny 867.5309 by Chronic Edge

November 26, 2011
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What can you say about the worlds most famous phone number? This is a great Alt. Rock remake of the song blending cello and rock – out to radio. Produced by none other than Stephen Wrench.

Chronic Edge is Chicago based original rock band that represents a unique and addictive style of music captured by smooth and melodic qualities and expressed by driving rhythms, hard-hitting back beats, and explosive energy to form an interesting blend of music that simply “sticks in your head”.
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Oxford Train

November 10, 2011
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Oxford Train’s video for their first single “Big Green Eyes” will be released through Cinderella Records digitally by the end of November.

Oxford Train is a Rochester, NY based band blending elements of pop, rock, groove, folk & jazz into a savvy mix guaranteed to make your body move and your senses reel.

Influenced by artists such as Blues Traveler, Jack Johnson and The Police, and incorporating an instrumental elegance born of a love of jazz, Oxford Train formed in the Fall of 2010.

Since hitting the live scene in May of 2011, Oxford Train has been playing shows weekly throughout New York state including Lockport’s Molson Canal Concert Series, where they opened for famed Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page.

Oxford Train has been polishing its unique sound in preparation for a rigorous schedule and the release of Mister Oxford Train, its debut album. Mister Oxford Train is currently being recorded at 4Peace Records in Rochester, NY, and mixed and mastered at Palette Studios in Nashville, TN by reputable producer, Jeff Silverman. Jeff recently mixed, mastered, performed, co-wrote and co-produced “From The Vault (A collection of works by Rick Springfield and Jeff Silverman) and has mixed, mastered and edited for artists such as Boyz II Men, David Cassidy, George Clinton, Paula Abdul, Prince, Richard Marx, and Barbara Streisand.

The band has recently signed a worldwide digital distribution deal with Cinderella Records.

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