Step off your planet. Find a new place. Get Out of your dust bowl. Wipe away the haze.” – From ‘Bright’

7 Horses is gearing up to release their much anticipated new single “Bright”. Galloping in on the heels of their world wide hit “Brave New World”, “Bright” has this diverse duo delighting us once again. Prolific songwriter and lead vocalist Joanne blends her haunting vocals with partner Phil’s unique chord voicings and signature rhythmic guitar.

Bright’s uplifting, soaring harmonies lift you skyward as you float through the musical landscape, balancing on the strings of the sweeping violin and anchoring on to the deep stratocaster urging you to “shine, shine, shine”.

This New York based duo came onto the scene as an alternative acoustic act. Described as soft as Jewel with the edge of Patty Smith and the allure of a smokey room. 7 Horses beckons the listener to venture deeper, look closer. Influenced by artists like David Gray,Jackson Browne, Bon Jovi, Patty Smith and Johnny Cash. Their sound has warm blue undertones, sometimes even a beautiful darkness that captivates and leaves you doing a little soul searching as you find yourself lost in their emotive soundscape.

7 Horses plays “real” music. Music that has the rawness and purity that withstands fads and fashions and sounds as good today as it will 10 years from now. *VH1- Song of the Year Contest has put them on the list of suggestive artists to listen to!

“Bright” will be available on sites and ringtones everywhere in late December.

“Bright” will also be submitted by Musik and Film’s radio division, Full Radio Promotions to over 15,000 radio stations for consideration for airplay.

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