Stephen Wrench, CEO, Musik and Film and Cinderella Records signs hard hitting Metal/Funk Band Bazerk to an exclusive world wide distribution deal.
“Hello America, yeah you know it’s me. Check one, one, one-two-three”… Bazerk, the South Central LA based caustic camp has jumped in with Cinderella Records and Musik and Film. This virulent group brilliantly blends rap, metal, and funk with lyrical melodies and tenacious rhythms. Their new album BIGGER THAN GODZILLA smacks the listener square in the face with infective tracks like Check This Out Ya’ll and Hello America. The underground Alt-Rock-Hip-Hop sound brings you back to the days of Public Enemy, In Living Color, Rage Against the Machine and Cypress Hill. Funk master George Clinton and Angelo of Fishbone chop up their own special flavor and toss it in to the tasty mix up of BIGGER THAN GODZILLA.

Frontman and creator Zookeynee’s skillful lyrical rap over Sablan and X’s funk heavy guitar, jammed up against Tes’ mad bottom bass and Shawn’s hard hitting drums make up this coarse urban mix. The band has performed all over the West Coast and has appeared on live radio shows at KPFK, KDAY, KTLH, KCRW, UCLA Radio and Extreme TV. Bazerk has shared the stage with the Black Eyed Peas, Fishbone, George Clinton, Ludacris, Robin Thicke, Bad Brains, One Side Zero, De La Soul, 1AD7, Bloodsugar, Year of the Dragon, Herbal Influence and Sleepy Brown.

Bazerk’s albums “I Heard Y’all Like Violence”, “Twisted Sick Mutha”, “Bazerk In Yo Mouth”, “America’s Illest” and “Hello America” are available at iTunes, Amazon and ReverbNation.

BIGGER THAN GODZILLA will also be promoted by Musik and Film’s radio division, Full Radio Promotions, to over 15,0000 radio stations for consideration for airplay.

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