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December 8, 2011

Six months ago, the self-titled debut album was released from the Los Angeles-based folk rock band Wicked Saints. Wicked Saints is a band around the talented American singer-songwriter Paul McCarty (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and some very versatile, and experienced local musicians including David Vidal (slide guitar), Chad Watson (bass), Bobby Thomas (keyboards, accordion) John Gannon (drums) and Brent Michelle (vocals).

“Wicked Saints” shows a varied sound heard, including McCarty’s light melancholic vocals and excellent guitar playing as Vidal’s constant factor. The repertoire on this album is partly included in the Milestone Recording & Post and Vidal’s own studio with Annie Miles behind the production table for intimate, intense and austere musical moments provided.

“Wicked Saints” is a brilliant album where the listener is treated to become sophisticated and atmospheric acoustic folk songs (Which Way The Wind Blows, Give Me Time), excellent reggae outings (The Way I’m Strung, Bring Me Home) and pronounced blues influences (Walkin ‘On The Water). A pleasant, stimulating and intoxicating album. Absolute highlights for me are the heart-wrenching Mama, the loss of Paul’s beloved mother and the raw Run Run Todd. This number tells the escape of Todd Palin to his wife and American politician. This excellent CD from Wicked Saints deserves in my opinion much more interest from the music press than this so far have received.

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