V-Transmission has hit the world airwaves promoted by Musik Radio Promotions the band is getting airplay in about every country in the world. Musik and Film  released their music to the world via Sony. Check them out at http://vtransmission.com/site/ V Transmission is a  unsigned mature four piece combo hailing from the dark northern industrial heartland of England, that is Manchester. The band have been around a long time predominantly as the song writing duo of Andy Boucher and John Anson, (Out of The Blue, Cobra Verde). It was only in 2012 with the pairing of Mat Thorpe ( Isolation Division, Distorted Pictures)  on bass guitars and Mick Bedford ( The Wedding Present, Chumbawumba ) on drums and percussion  was added, that, a new live energy and abstract image brought the band to life with the extra visual and performance dimensions that was missing from the restrictions of V-Transmission as a duo and so the formation was now complete  with this inclusion of musicians with similar tastes and influences.

V-Transmission came together thanks mainly to common interests in music, arts and visual performance. Citing their influences to include anything from other classic artists both past and present such as, Roxy Music, The Doors, Joy division, Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Editors and even a hint of The Cult and Metallica, etc.

V-transmission always strive to recapture and deliver the sounds and visual excitement and energy of what seems to be  currently missing with some of the more modern established artists. The band like to treat the fans to a full on show with dreamy stage sets, ethereal and soaring  anthemic  songs, with a musical fusion of synthesised glory, searing guitars and lacerating lyrics. Andy Boucher the bands front man says” We want to give our fans the experience  that they belong to an unstoppable’ force majeure’ and are part of a big family?”

V-transmission are currently in the process of recording and  completing a self funded studio album “ COMA”, recorded at The Chameleons Vox private studio and mixed by Chameleons Vox guitarist and producer Chris Oliver, which is due for summer release 2016,which will be released through the bands in house promotion stream.  There are also a couple of promotional videos  for, No More Lights and Silence The Guns,  which can be heard and  viewed on Youtube.

Demo tracks are available to hear on Soundcloud  such as, Suicide love, All Tomorrows Martyrs and Red Cherry Smiles. There is also a debut single, “No More Lights” now on release along with other selected tracks and available to purchase direct from the bands website  and can be followed on the following social media sites, Facebook, Bandcamp,  Reverbnation, Apollo Audio, Twitter and Instagram, etc.


The band are confident that musically and visually, there is something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of taste. Gig dates and tours are available to view on the bands Facebook and website pages.

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