We are pleased to announce that Motivational rapper, Unkle Adams, has signed with Musik and Film Records Management . With the release “I Am Stronger” in Feb. 2016, Unkle Adams began working with Musik Radio Promotions climbing the charts.  “I Am Stronger,” is an anti-bullying anthem that has become a centerpiece in his motivational work.  Adams began a prolific run in 2013 releasing  “One of a Kind”, then releasing his debut album, Humble Beginnings, in 2014 followed a year later by Pulse, then his third album, Planting Seeds, in 2016.

Unkle Adams is not your typical “rapper”. Listen to just one of his songs and you will soon understand why. Unkle Adams chooses to write songs containing material that is inspirational, motivational, educational, fun, and personal. Formerly a heavy equipment operator by trade, Unkle Adams has funded all of his music, recording, advertising and videos independently. Curtis “Unkle” Adams has been an Uncle since the very second he was born, in fact he has a nephew who is ten days older than him that doubles as his best friend. Naturally growing up, all of his friends called him Uncle. Adams is his last name so this name virtually formed on its own.

Music is more than just a form of entertainment; at its best it is also a very effective messaging system, able to deliver ideas in subtle and poignant ways. This is something that rapper and motivational speaker Unkle Adams is more than aware of. He is also aware that the status he has so far attained in his music career means that he has a direct line with the people who most need to hear him, a connection which more formal methods of communication just don’t have. Musically he takes old-school hip-hop and re-invents it for the current listener, blends it with solid and confident rap deliveries, throws in a dash of humour but it is the content of those lyrical messages which are the most important element. His music explores such vital issues as Bullying, Climate Change, Impaired Driving, Fitness, Self-Harm and Domestic Abuse and more besides and he does so in such a way that it never feels like a lesson. Fans of his music are absorbing important issues or being presented with socially critical information and they might not even realise it. Learning by musical osmosis, how cool is that? His hit anti-bullying song and music video “ I Am Stronger” has amassed more than 7 million total views between Facebook and YouTube and his work has saved countless lives, given hope to the hopeless and a voice to the voiceless. It is amazing what music can do in the right hands.