Drew Davidsen is now charting #1 on the Euro Indie Music Chart with single, Out of the Blue.  The single debuted initially at #5 with a worldwide promotion campaign by Musik Radio Promotions. The team at Musik and Film are excited with the results of this phenomenal promotion as well as Drew, ” I can’t believe after three weeks I’m charting at #1 in Europe and in the U.K. on the top 200 chart! It has been a joy working with Stephen Wrench and his team!”

‘Out of The Blue’ is  a jaunty and joyous, Beatle-esque adventure built on sleek pop lines and slick rock weaves.  But it is merely a key that gets you through the door to Drew’s newly released album, “A Good Life”.

Having already featured in top ten hottest guitarist polls and been endorsed by jazz guitar icon George Benson, Drew recently released his hotly awaited debut album as a contemporary artist. Not only is “A Good Life” a skillful blend of contemporary pop and rock, full of infectious and immediate tunes, it is above all else relatable. Relatable in that all of the soul searching, inward exploration and heart felt confession that he shapes into song, whilst coming from a very personal place are also universal subjects. He sings about his own life but every listener can take something away from every song, every verse and even every line

In Drew’s songs, you will find a wealth of generic gene splicing going on, rock which sparkles with jazz allure, pop tempered with classic singer-songwriter moves, even neo-classical arrangements and blues grooves find room in this cornucopia of musical exploration. It is both contemporary and timeless, mature yet accessible, celebratory yet searching. That’s a lot of ground to cover in just one album.

Listen to Out of the Blue!

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