Every song starts from inspiration. Inspiration from your feelings, something that happened , something you thought about, a problem, a joy, a sadness, a story, something you want to say. Or something that just comes out of you and you don’t know where it came from. Then the words begin to flow, good or bad it doesn’t matter cause now its coming out of you. Then you pick up your guitar and for some reason your fingers start to create music, music that fits the lyrics you just wrote perfectly. The best songs you don’t have to work at they just come out of you and are wonderful.

You’re in the studio not sure how to produce it or what instruments need to be in it and where. Again for some miraculous reason every player is in perfect sync with each other. The synergy begins and magic happens. Who gives a crap if it’s on Billboard you know what you created is great, great to you and others will love it to . That’s the birth of a song. Here’s one below that happened just that way:
“THE GRASS AIN’T ALWAYS GREENER”, the band was Artimus Pyle (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Banner Thomas (Founding member Molly Hatchet), Rocco Marshall (Grand Funk Railroad), Jim Devito (Many, Many groups), and Reverend Billy. The story of this song: I used to have dinner and vodka every Wed. night with 2 people I thought were the perfect couple. As I listened to them tell me they were going to separate, I started writing this song. The more they spoke – the more I wrote.

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