The release of New Orleans native, Don Rousell’s single, My Wife and My Girlfiriend with Musik Radio Promotions  in collaboration with Wolf Entertainment, quickly caught attention around the world. The single is charting in the top 5 on the European Music Chart.

New Orleans native, Don Rousell, claims to “dabble on the piano a little” when writing and arrange his material. The fact that he is a virtuoso bass player and a singer of no small talent shows that statement to be wonderfully self deprecating. Similarly his musical interests are just as wide ranging, Contemporary Christian Music, Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Funk, Rock and even Classical Music are all areas that he has worked in.

His current single, the intriguingly titled My Wife and My Girlfriend is a soulful and smooth R&B outing, one built on effortless bass grooves, naturally, subtle washes of horn section and some funky guitar supplied by Shane Regal. Of course the focal point is the vocal delivery and here it sits neatly in the track at a point where it neither overly dominates nor is lost to the instrumentation. The result is an arrangement that showcases how vocals should fit into a song, playing their part masterfully but allowing the rest of the players enough space to contribute. And that is the art of great song writing and it is something that Don Rousell excels at.
Don Rousell is a real deal talent and as a whole, as a result it’s an impressive single. This is a true to form old school blues-rock-song that successfully captures the vintage songwriting virtuoso of Rousell. I can hear elements of Steely Dan, Bill Withers and Otis Redding as well”… Skope Magazine