Unkle Adams Motivational Rapper Saves Lives with His Music Message.

Unkle Adams is a Motivational Rapper, Speaker, Role Model and Counter-Bully. Unkle Adams uses his hip hop status and musical talents to convey important messages into society. Bullying, Climate Change, Impaired Driving, Fitness, Self-Harm and Domestic Abuse are just some of the subjects Unkle Adams has touched on. His hit anti-bullying song/music video “Unkle Adams – I Am Stronger” has amassed more than 7,000,000 total views between Facebook and YouTube. His work has saved countless lives, given hope to the hopeless and a voice to the voiceless. His songs and videos are used as educational tools in schools all over the world. Unkle Adams doesn’t only make music about serious matters, he also has many upbeat, positive, “radio friendly” songs and a steadily growing international fan base. Unkle Adams is endorsed by Governments, Police, Paramedics, School Principals, Teachers, Parents, Students, various organizations, and high ranking public officials. His meaningful song content and powerful microphone presence have propelled his music into countries around the world. Unkle Adams is very thankful for his ever-growing international fan base and was recently announced as a 2015 CBC Saskatchewan Future 40 Award Winner.

Recently, Unkle Adams began working with the promotions team at Musik and Film.  He is continuing to grow his outreach and was featured in a one on one interview with Broken Records.


Motivational Rapper, Speaker, Role Model & Counter-Bully.

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