Musik Radio Promotions has over 50,000+ radio stations and 300,000+ stations with syndicated networks and station affiliates in every genre in 180 countries. We literally have just about every radio station including commercial, non commercial and college in North America, South America, UK, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, and thousands of stations in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. 97% of our stations are FM stations. We cover most chart reporting stations around the world. We promote to most major networks including BBC, Sirius, I-Heart, CBS, Clear Channels and many others. We have charted hundreds of artists in the top 10 in many charts around the world.

What makes Musik Radio Promotions different?

We realized that radio in the US is controlled by major labels as “Gatekeepers” , meaning Major US radio corporations that positioned themselves as the “Gatekeepers” . They control almost 75% of the US radio market. This left 25% of possible stations within the US that would consider playing an Indie artist’s music. It’s a big world out there and we found out if you can get enough airplay outside of the US, it follows that the US market is then forced to listen and be receptive to playing your music.

Musik Radio has developed proprietary software that will deliver a high quality DPK  direct to the program director’s email. The DPK  includes the artist’s promo picture, press quotes, web and social links, bios and of course their music.  Radio can stream and listen and then decide if they want to download it for airplay.  The artists has access to a reporting real-time link 24/7

So, what does this mean for you – the artist?

  1. Collect 100% of airplay royalties around the world.
  2. Touring, it is impossible to successfully tour unless people know who you are. Use the radio airplay and charts to successfully tour any geographical area.
  3. Build an international fan base.

How does an artist get started?

Experience has proved to Musik Radio Promoters what radio will play and will not play.

Submit your track for review to our team of producers.




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