FUSER  has been New Zealand’s best-kept secret – Until Now!   Signed to Do It Records and promoted by Musik Radio Promotions, Fuser Continues to Rock!

Fuser the dynamic rock rebels who hail from Auckland New Zealand have once again produced another smash rock single entitled 600 Cops.

The band to date have over 50 releases including 2 full albums, 7 singles as well as their music being added to countless compilation albums from ‘Now your one of US: Alternative Collection vol1’. to ‘Tell all your friends: Alternative Rock Anthology Vol.10’.

The latest single ‘600 Cops’ was recorded at Neil Finns studios and the band flew in international Grammy nominated producer Steve James, who has worked with everyone from The Sex Pistols to Paul Young and is best known for producing a tune which most living humans know and hum to this day: “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Life of Brian by Monty Python.

Fuser have been picked to perform with many international acts and in more recent years have performed alongside US rockers Everclear and The President of the United States of America. Art the lead singer of Everclear commented on Fuser, saying they were one of the best rock acts that he had seen in years.

Fuser has been on the worldwide charts since beginning radio promotion with the single, Sell Me Out,in November 2015.  They are not expected to slow down anytime soon.


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