South African Symphonic Rock Band, Crimson Chrysalis, Sends Shock Waves with Musik Radio Promotions campaign on a global scale.

Crimson Chrysalis has been cited as being “one of the most brilliant surprises of the year” by Terry Thompson of Sonic Cathedral.   “The release sent shock waves through the Femme Metal community, music to please, thoughts that go beyond the pale.  There’s so much to learn from Africa.”

Rene Van Den Berg of Crimson Chrysalis, set aside some time to share a little about the band and give some great advice:

Personally I think an entertainer’s main focus/forte is pleasing the crowd, while a true artist wants to do what is good for his/her soul, regardless of whether it is the commercial or popular route, or the road less travelled. Some artists are both (without trying to be), and in my opinion that is when they break through the boundaries of time, genre, & trends and touches people’s hearts – because it is true, honest & authentic.

Besides music I love gymming/exercising (I am a total exercise junkie), spending time with good friends, and enjoying some good food – my favourites are lamb or chicken curry, salmon & sushi. Oh and shopping. . .I love shopping! (What woman don’t?) 

If I have to describe our music it would probably be Neo-classical rock/Neo-symphonic rock. I think what makes us unique, also makes us difficult to categorise or label. There are so many influences, and we never tried to fit into a specific genre. We just write and create what feels, and sounds good to us.
 I play both guitar and piano. I have formal training in both, but stopped paying the piano when I was still in primary school. So I am very rusted, and wont play on stage. I compose on both instruments though, piano and guitar. The song normally decides for itself – Es (my co-creator/lyricist) of CC always says, a good song writes itself. Some songs are by nature more guitar based, and some piano based. When I look at the lyric and feel it, I’ll decide where I hear this going and then compose on the one, or the other. Sometimes I would initially start on the one, but for some reason it just doesn’t ring true. The moment I change the instrument I’m composing on, the problem normally solves itself.
If I had a chance for the world to hear one song, I would probably say “Crimson passion cry” on the first album, and “Sacred vow” on the upcoming one. I always wanted to make music that touches people’s hearts, and I think those 2 have the best chance of doing exactly that.
 What made me wanna pursue a career in music? Insanity?! Ha-ha! I think any true artist will tell you that it is in their blood – the thing that makes them tic and come alive. It is a long and difficult road, but somehow I cannot imagine my life without it. Having the opportunity to take my passion globally is just bloody awesome!
What I would tell any young artist or musician? I don’t wanna say to them Don’t give up or hang in there, cause if it is truly in your blood, and what you were born to do, you won’t! What I will say is this: do your home work well. Know the audience and genre you are targeting, and know what and who you’re up against. Find your forte, the thing that separates you from the rest, and makes you unique. Otherwise you’ll just be an imitation, or second hand version of somebody else. You must have a clear cut idea of where you’re going, otherwise you will just confuse an audience. You cannot go somewhere purposefully if you don’t have a map and didn’t plan. If you don’t have a destination, you are just drifting, no matter how talented you are. Lastly, surround yourself with skill, success and experience – you cannot do this alone – not if you are serious about it!
Crimson Chrysalis is currently one of a few artists under the Musik and Film Management Team.  The first single currently out to Musik and Film radio promotions campaign has set a few records with plays around the world.  The Musik and Film team recently picked up a publishing deal  for Crimson Chrysalis and look forward to many years of working with this unique band , blazing new trails in symphonic band.