Ryan Casper says of his music, ” I’m not pop, but I’m not part of the big buckle crowd either. My sound is a blend of modern and traditional. It’s a little bit of Garth and a little bit of Skynyrd with mustard and relish”.

After 15 years of hard work mastering his craft of singer/songwriter, Ryan Casper has found a home. Casper, partnering with  Musik Radio Promotions a few weeks ago, released a single, As the Crow Flies, to international airplay. It was quickly picked up by the BBC network , most of the ECMA(European Country Music Assoc), Europe,Australia, NZ, Ireland, Uk, US, and Japan.

Ryan’s passionate, pure voice has made him a favorite the world over as he goes full steam ahead and is now playing on over 3,000 radio stations, mostly FM, around the world. Ryan is now listed on the Musik Radio Wall of Success.

Being claimed as a hit:

“Oh, is that ever a hit song!”  Dixie McCorkell CMA/CCMA/ECMA Triplestrand Productions.

“As far as new artists go, I’ve never had such a demand. Bottom line…great guy, amazing music and I think it’s safe to say this might be Ryan Casper country now.” J-Dub(Justin Whitfield) of KKOW Radio.

Ryan Casper and Musik Radio Promotions plan to release 4 more singles this year.  There will be no slowing down for this talented country boy.

ryan blue