Proclaimed as “the next Nickelback from Quebec”  by ETalk Daily  (CTV), power rock group, ONE,  has teamed up with Musik Radio Promotions to gain international exposure.

After the success of their Sophomore release “Dirty Valentine”. The ONE boys felt incredibly inspired to begin working on a new album. Having spent the better part of the last 3 years touring, there was a lot of excitement about getting back into writing mode.

In the music business today, albums can sound generic and too polished. Something that ONE tries to avoid. “The bands and albums that inspire us to be musicians are the old school Led Zeppelin, Ramones and Motley Crue records. Nowadays everything is sampled and over compressed for radio, the soul of the songs at
times seems to be lacking,” says guitarist Staniforth who also co-produced the last album with guitarist, Jardine.

The new album “Worlds Collide” speaks of struggles and success stories of today’s reality. A groovy, rock your face off album that has a little something for everyone. “It even has a song that if you turned the heavy guitars back could be considered country,” says Rossi.

“With so much going on in the World, you can’t help but write about it. It is all about staying positive and staying the course,” adds Staniforth.

Signing a global radio promotions deal with Musik Radio Promotions, seemed to be the next logical step on the course to getting a positive message out to the world. With the first single promotion of, “Queen of Rock n’ Roll”, One,  has begun to build a global fan base and are on the Musik Radio Wall of Success,   having gotten airplay on over 1,000 stations worldwide.

With a new album comes a new chapter. A chapter that the band will write one show at a time.