My Luv Notes releases latest single, “She Ain’t Me”, to worldwide radio with Musik Radio Promotions. Sometimes music gets boiled down so much to its essence that it transcends genres, swerves fads and ignores fashion. My Luv Notes makes music from many different locations on the sonic pallet but this time out she is happy to embrace a less-is-more approach and get right down to what is important. As Stephanie of “My Luv Notes”, so poignantly states, “I am a writer of truths, a storyteller and a singer.  In sharing my music with you, we share the emotion, the pain and the struggle along with the triumph, together.”

The tone of “She Ain’t Me” is that of a late night smoky cocktail bar, the delivery is unhurried and all the more powerful for it, the vocals wander between strong and emotive, and ethereal and breathy. There is as much space and atmosphere between the piano notes that drive the song as within them and the beats serve only the song and nothing more. No gadget or gimmick, just reflective and heart-tugging music made for the most honest of reasons.

This is music out of time, production may pin point it as a modern creation but its essence is the sort of ballad that has been played for the last 60 or so years, in blues joints and jazz clubs, uptown bars and down town cafes across the world. Here My Luv Notes makes music that exists devoid of fashion or agenda, it is pure and it is perfect.

“My Luv Notes” music “seizes your heart, stops time and takes your breath away.  She paints “images that will forever remain etched in your mind”. How often can you say that about a piece of music?

Review by Dave Franklin, Dancing With Architecture