iLLAcrimo, new single, Freewheeling, released with Musik and Film worldwide promotions. A band based near Milan in Italy, signed with Musik and Film Records in 2018.  With Federica’s mind-blowing vocals that seem to defy gravity and Davide’s signature blend of guitar, iLLacrimo is really something special, bearing similarities to Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, and Halestorm.

iLLAcrimo’s newest single, “Freewheeling” lives up to their reputation as the perfect band for the post-genre world. Pop awareness, classical deftness, and electronic exploration all make this a lot more than just another song.

iLLAcrimo’s sound is built on big riffs, accessible, soaring, melody driven songs, deep-rooted grooves and thunderous backbeats. Watch their latest offering into a glorious celebration of what modern rock music can be. 

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